Urban Forum Northwest

African American Achievement Awards

Thursday, February 17 on Urban Forum Northwest scheduled guests for the hour are:

*Deborah Moore Jackson, Founder, African American Achievement Awards comments on the February 19 event that will honor couples making a difference in Washington State.

*Hayward Evans, Co Convener, Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration Committee invites you to the Monday, February 21(5-6 pm) Black History event that will be held at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Civil Rights Park (the event will be held at Holgate Church of Christ if it rains) several people will be acknowledged for their contributions.

*Minister Jimmy Hurd, Pastor, Holgate Church of Christ will be a participant in the event and host the Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration Committee’s Reception after the program at the MLK Park.

*Gabriel Prawl, President, Seattle A. Phillip Randolph Institute comments on the virtual African American Legislative Day that will be held on Monday, President’s Day.

* Reverend Paul Benz, recently retired Director, Faith Action Network comments on the legislation that is important ranging from police reform to economic justice. He will present an award named for him to a deserving person on Monday.

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