Stacy Connects

A Legacy of Hope and A Side of Slaw.

Stacy’s brain dump is especially manic this week since she’s still trying to recover from Covid-brain. For her Stacyism she offers her thoughts on what staying silent says, which is also the exact moment it‘s clear she needs to leave psychiatry to the experts. It’s no coincidence then that her guest is Dr. Richard Adler, a forensic and clinical psychiatrist. The conversation starts with their meet-cute, and touches on their shared love of NY and deli. At the heart of their conversation though is Dr. Adler’s mission of providing resources to those suffering from PTSD; a dream that led to his founding the PTSD Institute in Seattle in 2018; a dream that is slowly and steadily becoming realized. To learn more about Dr. Adler, his practice and the PTSD Institute, go to