A Leg Up On The Competition – Embracing Your Imperfections and Adapting to Win

Guest: Roni Sasaki, Paralympic Gold Medalist, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host

Description: Roni Sasaki was born with only one leg and the doctor declared she would probably never walk. She learned to walk on an artificial leg just before her second birthday. Walking was never one of her problems. Her greatest struggle as a youngster was learning to love and accept herself for being “different.” Tresa and Roni discuss how embracing our imperfections, learning that failure is part of winning and adapting to challenges are important keys to pursuing a wealthy life. Tresa shares TD Ameritrade’s recent Financial Disruptions Survey. Nearly half of Americans polled say rising cost of living is the greatest threat to financial security. Tresa provides her five proprietary steps women can take to pursue financial independence.

Email: roni@ronisasake.com
Website: ronisasaki.com
Host: Tresa Leftenant, Reinventing Her Money
Email: tresa.leftenant@lpl.com
Website: https://www.reinventinghermoney.com/