A Fresh Start For A New Year – Inspiration From Our Coaches Panel

Topic: A Fresh Start for a New Year – Inspiration from our Coaches Panel

Description: Are you ready for a fresh start in the new year? Tresa speaks to former guests who are successful coaches in the seven areas of pursuing a wealthy life. Together the panel talks about how they held space for their clients to process their pain, re-think their understanding of what they wanted and reinvented themselves during this unprecedented year of change. What did they learn, what did they discover about themselves, and what did they witness with their clients? Who are they hoping to become, what are their dreams for the future? This group of successful coaches share their best wisdom on how to reinvent your pursuit of a wealthy life when life throws you curve balls.
Dr. Deborah Sandella – Founder of The RIM Institute – Episode 31
Michelle Kaplan – The Corporate Poet and Executive Leadership Coach – Episode 4
Cindy Whitmer – The Confidence Coach – Episode 15
Mellissa Corter – Hypnotherapist and Transformational Coach – Episode 26
Tracy Cromwell – The Coach for the Confused and Frustrated Dieter – Episode 22
Jennifer Blankl – Relationship and Marriage Coach – Episode 18
Rachel Calderon Young – Business Leadership Coach – Episode 23
Monica Tarr – Healthy Brain Vibrant Body Coach – Episode 35

Host: Tresa Leftenant, Reinventing Her Money
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Website: https://www.reinventinghermoney.com/