Stacy Connects

A Bright Painter Who POPS

Stacy shares conversations and observations from her week including a follow up to the Usain Bolt versus Joey Chestnut relay race debate, pool people watching and ordering oysters from Amazon for the pearls. Stacy’s guest this week is 17-year-old, Kirkland-based artist and business-savvy marketer, Austin Picinich. Primarily self-taught, Austin learned his way around a canvas by doing and with support from his art-loving parents. He learned his way around promotion through local artists sharing inspiration and information as well as from his high school DECA class. Not only does he paint and promote, but he gives back as well; he conceived and executed a community-based project at like his mural at Juanita Beach Park in Kirkland, WA to raise awareness for salmon restoration. To learn more about Austin, his art and his next mural, go to