Sunday Morning Magazine

4/23/23 – Nancy Long and Diana Goodrich

Give Big 2023 is just around the corner, May 2nd & 3rd. It’s an important time for over 1400 nonprofit organizations in our state. The goal this year is $15 million dollars, and it can be reached when each of us looks at just what makes our life a good life. 

Nancy Long is the Executive Director of 501 Commons, the partner that brings together the many small and large organizations that need our support. And making the donations is made simple, very much like any shopping we might do online, and keeps a private record for us.

Diana Goodrich is the Co-Director of Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest located in Cle Elum and home to 16 chimpanzees who formerly had been research animals. Now they have a home in nature, room to roam and trees to climb. One 50-year-old chimp finally was able to climb her first tree! They are vegetarians so they require loads of produce! We can help make their life comfortable and keep them nourished by supporting, where we can also follow a blog of the chimps’ daily life.