Urban Forum Northwest

06 – 18 – 20

Eddie Rye with Co-Host Hayward Evans and guests:?

*Delmas Whittaker, Port of Seattle, Senior Manager, Fishing and Commercial Vessels and President, Blacks in Government (BIG), Port of Seattle Chapter comments on BIG’s Juneteenth Celebration on Friday, June 19.

*Seattle Port Commission Chair, Peter Steinbrueck comments on his role in the Port of Seattle’s Juneteenth Celebration.

*Dumi Mariare aka Draze is hosting Building Black Wealth a live facebook presentation on Friday, Juneteenth that will feature Laila Ali, Black Entrepreneurs, and Angela Rye.

*Tamika Moseley, Herbalist is just returning from Monroe and Shreveport, LA conducting workshops on how to use herbs to cure illnesses and improve ones quality of life.

*Kent Stevenson, Choir Director, Musician, Composer, and Activist will comment on how he has assisted in organizing a virtual Juneteenth Celebration with representatives of several choirs.