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Elizabeth Brandon returns to Open Conversations

Holly Holmquist is excited to welcome Elizabeth Brandon back to Open Conversations at a special time Thursday, Jan. 19th from 12 pm to 1 pm.

Stream the show live on 1150kknw.com, tune in live at KKNW Alternative talk 1150 AM, or listen on 98.9 HD Channel 3 (if you have an HD capable radio – see here). Join the conversation as Elizabeth Brandon shares what has inspired her successful  30-year career as an introspective painter.

Artist Elizabeth Brandon has shown her paintings for over 30 years in galleries across the US. Her style is primarily influenced by the 17th century Dutch and Spanish painters. Along with showing her art nationally, Elizabeth painted the cover paintings for Cooks Illustrated from 2000- 2007 and established their familiar look. In the 1970’s, she gained an in-depth knowledge of the principles of light and atmosphere in the old masters tradition from her years of study at the Art Students League of New York, where she also met her artist husband, Joseph Sulkowski.

Elizabeth’s work includes still life, florals, and landscapes. Recently she has embarked on a new series based upon her 20-year yoga practice. These paintings are inspired by aspects of healing with a spiritual approach to yoga asanas, breath work, and body knowledge.

Elizabeth’s introspective paintings draw from her passion for the natural world and it’s attributes of light and shadow, with an emphasis on expressing the energetic chakra systems of the body.

She has won numerous awards for her still life and is currently represented at Trailside Galleries in Jackson Hole, WY,  Marine Arts Gallery in Marblehead, MA,  Edgartown Art Gallery in Martha’s Vineyard, and her studio/ gallery  at www.elizabethbrandon.com

Begin living your life with a higher purpose by listening to Open Conversations, normally heard Sundays, 3 pm to 4 pm here on Alternative Talk 1150.

Your host, Holly Holmquist, will guide you as you learn to operate from your spirituality in everyday life, particularly in the pursuit of living life with purpose. Regardless of religious affiliation or absence thereof, Open Conversations shows you why we are all connected spiritual beings navigating our way through a spiritual world. The thought-provoking show features wide-ranging discussions with various guests from different faiths and walks of life, centered on living life with purpose and spiritual awareness.

Holly’s spiritual work began in 2003 when she accepted an apprenticeship with a Native Healer in Nashville, TN. Two years later, she was ordained as a holistic minister through a hands-on-healing program known as Divine Intervention.

Always a spiritual seeker, Holly has led the work-life balance of both teacher and student around spiritual studies and education. Holly’s spiritual education is varied and includes both religious studies and metaphysical studies. Along with her in-depth spiritual research, Holy also has over 13-years experience with financial institutions as a representative, a loan officer and manager.

With a background in finance, coaching and development, and spiritual study, Holly has designed classes and workshops that explore our beliefs and behavior around money, as well as the core beliefs we live by. Today she works as a Day Minister and Spiritual Mentor. Through private phone and web sessions she mentors clients to live from their authentic selves.

For more information, log on to www.holmquistholly.com.


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