Earth’s heartbeat gets a checkup on Talk Cosmos

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Tune in Saturday, May 9th at 6 p.m. (repeating Thursday, May 14th at 6 a.m.) as Talk Cosmos scopes out Earth’s celestial heartbeats, describing the intimate relationship we experience with the Venus Star Points. These points signified by the exact conjunction between the Sun and Venus occur five times every eight years to create a beautiful pentagram star between these ongoing five signs it connects.

“This five-pointed star exemplifies the beauty Venus’ orbit represents, and through our love and desires what we attract. Author Arielle Guttman of Venus Star Rising lays the foundational focus involving this heart-felt layer of spiritual relevance to any horoscope chart,” said, Sue Rose Minahan, host of the popular show.

Mark James, practicing astrologer, medium intuitive in Las Vegas Nevada joins Sue to discuss Venus Star Points as he conducts his own research using the methods outlined in Arielle Guttman’s Venus Star Rising and has begun incorporating these techniques in his own practice. Mark’s approach to astrology is a harmonious synthesis between traditional astrological tradition and the very modern age techniques. Completing both Staciey Dean’s 2-yr course, and certified for Levels I & II of the National Council for Geocosmic Research – Professional Astrologers’ Alliance (NCGR-PCC), he’s studied Horary and Electional astrology with Dr. Lee Lehman and currently taking Chris Brennan’s Hellenistic Astrology course. Mark’s currently Vice-President for the Las Vegas Stargazers NCGR Chapter.

Talk Cosmos is your opportunity to ponder realms of what Carl Jung called the collective unconsciousness that’s shared through time to the present…all through the lens of Sue’s lifetime of peering into astrology.

“Thankfully, I discovered Evolutionary astrology. Its perspective points directly to our unique personal spiritual soul growth…driven by our aligned intentions.  Its promising purpose of soul growth ignited an entirely alive Zodiac. Captured, I felt compelled to study the deep significance of astrological application,” said Sue.

Sue is your guide to focusing the Cosmos kaleidoscope. In the words of Einstein, “Energy’s never destroyed, energy only changes.”

Discover the energy that is Talk Cosmos.