Doney Coe Pet Clinic secures a home in downtown Seattle


Doney Coe Pet Clinic, sponsor and creator of the Team Doney Coe radio show and podcast, has opened their very own home base in downtown Seattle.

Starting June 1, the clinic will operate two mornings a week in addition to the bi-monthly Saturday afternoon clinics. Additionally, there will be the first on-site surgical procedure day at the end of the month. Clinic operations will increase to three mornings a week during the coming months, and surgical procedure days will be regularly scheduled. Walk-up services are resuming for all clinics.

“If you have a beloved animal, you know that the past two years have made it more challenging to care for our precious fur babies. There is more demand for care than can be met. It is even more complicated for our unhoused or low-income neighbors to access the critical care needed by sick or injured animals,” said Marti Casey, Management, Marketing and Communications Consultant for Doney Coe Pet Clinic.

Marti also hosts the weekly radio program, Team Doney Coe, heard on Alternative Talk 1150 (Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m.), 880 AM KIXI (Sundays at 8:30 a.m.), and Warm 106.9 (Sundays at 5 a.m.). Marilyn Milano is co-host on the popular program.

“Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of Dr. Mona Radheshwar, who turned over a fully equipped and stocked operating veterinary clinic for immediate use, Doney Coe Pet Clinic. will be offering veterinary services and surgical procedures with the help of sophisticated diagnostic tools on-site to qualified clients. As a longtime volunteer at Doney Coe Pet Clinic, Dr. Mona shares the vision that income should not be a barrier to necessary veterinary care,” she said, adding, “We developed an innovative partnership with Urban Animal, a group of community-minded veterinary clinics, to staff the expanded services of the new clinic. We will work with our community partners to provide added programs to enhance the lives of pets and their people.”

Doney Coe Pet Clinic will continue to be powered by volunteers and funded by our community of individual donors, family foundations, and local businesses. We remain wholly dedicated to putting all our resources towards providing veterinary care to the animals in need. We will maintain our flexibility so we may continue to adapt to the needs of a changing city where every animal matters.

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