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Deep Within the Fourth Chakra

I believe that every moment we are crafting our lives. Every one of your thoughts and feelings creates the world you see and enjoy, and the world you wish would go away. You might not be able to change every negative thought and feeling you have so as to ensure a more meaningful life, but you can learn how to increase the flow of neutral energy. Neutralizing your energy provides the perfect fuel to power a fulfilling life.

Judging circumstances as good or bad means we want something specific to happen in order to be happy, blessed, or lucky— whatever it is that we seek as human beings. Though we might want particular events to occur, all conditions have the same value. They just are. In each instant, there is more beauty than we can possibly stand. Letting go of our desires and judgments, and allowing the beauty to be seen, is called being “neutral.”

Neutrality is a high-frequency energy that flows within the fourth chakra. It is from this unbiased place that we learn to forgive, to compromise instead of fight, and to love where initially we felt there was nothing to love. This place, deep within the fourth chakra, is where real awareness lives. Gaining access to this type of loving energy allows human beings to grow consciously and create a world that surpasses their dreams.

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