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Conversations Live marks 9th year on air!


The art of conversation, quality conversation that is, often leads first with listening. For nine years, Vicki St. Clair, host of Conversations Live with Vicki St. Clair has been doing just that. . .first listening and then conversing with fascinating people from all walks of life.

Her program, heard each Monday, noon to 1 p.m., strives to bring inspiring and stimulating conversations with innovative business leaders, cutting edge medical and health professionals, authors, filmmakers, journalists, adventurers, and ordinary people, leading extraordinary lives.

When I hear from listeners, the four things they consistently feed back to me are that they really enjoy include the quality of our guests, the wide range of topics we discuss, the types of questions I ask, and the quality of our production,” Vicki said.

She went on to add that Conversations Live with Vicki St. Clair sets itself apart from other radio programs by offering a wide variety of guests and keeping the show less about her and more about sharing great information that inspires, informs, and stimulates.  With this mission in mind, her program has hosted more than 1,000 guests including many New York Times bestselling authors, Pulitzer Prize winners, Nobel nominees, award-winning producers, filmmakers, photographers, and journalists. Add to that list scientists, researchers, medical and health professionals, business and thought leaders who are recognized experts in their respective fields, and you have a show deep in intellectual thought.

Looking back to when she decided to host her very own show, she said at least one thing was clear, the location from which she would broadcast.

“I phoned a number of stations in the Pacific Northwest, including Oregon and British Columbia, and then ultimately decided to bring the show to KKNW. I had already established a good working relationship with KKNW producer, Eric Reidar (while hosting The Vicki St. Clair Interviews on a previous program), and I felt the station delivered the most professional broadcast experience. We have amazing, state-of-the art facilities at KKNW,” she said.

Broadcasting in a competitive environment such as Seattle, can be daunting and there are surely hurdles for any radio host. Vicki is no exception. She has had to juggle her busy work week of running her outside business with that of the duties of producing and monetizing a weekly show. Besides seeking and managing sponsors, she is in constant search mode for quality guests who fit her vision for the program.

In addition to her business and radio show, Vicki finds herself busy helping individuals and teams reach new heights. In the pursuit of excellence, she involves herself in workshops, coaching, consulting and even focuses writing efforts toward the goal. She carries this credo of hard work and achievement into her show as evidenced by her weekly sign-off words of “live well, live strong.”

Not just lip service to listeners, these are words she lives by herself.

“My goal is to continue bringing quality guests and fresh content with different perspectives. The status quo makes me uncomfortable. . .my mantra this year is Bigger, Better, Bolder. And regardless of what I’m working on, I’m always concerned about becoming stagnant.  I’m always asking how do we keep this fresh? How do we raise the bar? What kind of challenges will stretch me or the show or our audience?”

You, too, can join the fan base of Conversations Live with Vicki St Clair by tuning into her show each Monday from noon to 1 p.m. To learn more, click here.


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