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December 23

Eddie Wright, a veteran of the Iraq War, will join Susan to talk about the work he is doing with the Institute for Defense Analysis and a research study on improving resiliency and mitigating the effects of stress as a preventive measure for post traumatic stress (PTS). How do we improve the VA system? Especially when it comes to amputee care. Last year, Eddie, an amputee himself,  worked with the African Children’s Choir in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, and Swaziland. What was that like? He has a very interesting background beginning with being a gang member to working with and being friends with  Paul Wolfewitz, Deputy Secretary of Defense under Rumsfeld. He has  opinions on the war, Trump and Hillary. This will be a fascinating show about subjects most people avoid.

December 30

It’s that time of the year when 2016 is ending and 2017 s beginning. Our guests will discuss what that looks like astrologically. Melanie Merrill and Amy Domres join Susan to discuss the ramifications – each with a different perspective. Amy has a very interesting way of explaining astrology in a way that those who don’t understand it might just see the logic of it. Melanie has a clear line of vision. Both have a lot of humor and both are very down to earth. A fun show for sure.

January 6

We begin the New Year with a show about families whose kids have come out of the closet and declare  themselves as not being heterosexual.  At the best of times how families cope is not easy, but, now it is especially important  in the present political climate, to find solid ways to make this a positive rather than a negative. Every family is different and every family makes different choices. Jenifer O’Ryan does a lot of things but working with families of youth coming out is where her passion lies and she has a lot to share.

January 13

An incredible show about Native prisoners doing time and making both craft items and art. Learn about the prison sacred circles and how prisoners are finding themselves and turning their lives around. Ou guest, Aaron (AA) Abrahmson, has been both a prisoner and is helping prisoners since he has been released.  Sending donated items to Standing Rock and finding dignity in being Native is a huge step for this population.

January 20

Tim Vernor of Seattle Transmedia and Technological Film Festival (STIFF) joins Susan to share with us TechDocFest 2017 Technology Documentary Festival SEATTLE taking place January 26-29. This is the inaugural event and very exciting. Alex Winter who was in LOST BOYS and played Bill in BILL AND TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE will also be joining in on the excellent conversation. What an adventure!

January 27

Pramila Jayapar, newly elicited Congresswoman from the 7th Congressional District,  is tentatively scheduled to be our guest but not confirmed. STAY TUNED



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