Cosmic Collaboration happening on Talk Cosmos

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Tune in April 4th at 6 p.m. (repeats Thursday, April 9th at 6 a.m.) for Talk Cosmos, where host Sue Rose Minahan convenes her Cosmic Aries Cosmic Collaboration to discuss the archetypal wounded healer Chiron in the present sign of Aries. The USA natal chart often called the Sibley chart has Chiron in Aries. Essentially this relates to the existential question “Who am I?” using one’s identity.

“We’re all in a collective story of isolation, living in our own autonomy, said Sue, adding, “We’re separated from our past identities related to the exterior world.”

The panel includes Sue, Amanda Pierce and Shannon Hayes. Instead of meeting at the wonderful Seattle/Bellevue KKNW studio as previously enjoyed since last Octdober 2019, the panel will connect through cyberspace, like so many of us now experience our social connections. This feature changes the possible body language so often utilized in our common-day communication. Perhaps the space open to us each remains in the intuitive connection we each possess.

“Surely Aries represents the instinctive burst of life-force energy to explore new uncharted domains. It happens that Mars its ruler transits Aquarius and opens the intuitive realms,” said Sue.

Astrologer Amanda Pierce holds a BA in Psychology. Teaches Empowerment in Training meditative courses. Astrologer Shannon Hayes and yoga instructor, studies the night sky, and Mayan astrology as well. Together they offer perspectives on our possibilities to realign in this long eight year transit of Chiron in Aries.

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