Comedy, mental health and relationships…what do they have in common?


What does April Fools’ Day have to do with relationships? Well, you better learn how to laugh, or you’re going to cry a lot! With the current state of the world taking a toll on our mental health and stability, this day of joking has arrived just in time to help us remember that it’s ok to laugh even when things are tough.

Thursday, April 1st at 1 p.m. Tom and Staci will be joined by Maggie Newcomb Raine, M.A.Ed on their show Love Shack Live. Maggie is a speaker, comedian, writer, and mental health advocate. After years of performing stand-up comedy, Maggie now uses humor to speak honestly about living with mental illness which she writes about in her book, Chocolate Pudding in Heaven. She also draws on her expertise in adult education when giving speeches and trainings to bring a new perspective on mental health and reduce the stigma of mental illness.

Staci you are in for a great show, “Join us for this life-changing conversation in honor of April Fools’ Day itself. What could be more perfect? Is this a joke? No, it’s Love Shack Live!”

In this episode, they are covering several key topics about what comedy, mental health, and relationships have in common, including:

  • How Maggie navigates the two worlds of comedy and mental illness.
  • Does Maggie’s relationship with her husband affect her comedy career?
  • How comedy and humor can be a huge tool that can help you improve your relationship.
  • Tips and tricks that can help you understand and support your partner’s healing if they are struggling with their mental health.

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Tom and Staci have been teaching and mentoring individuals and couples from around the world for the past decade, on how to experience love for a lifetime. They are passionate about helping people lighten up a bit, so they can dismantle the many myths, lies, and taboos that take them nowhere good. Tom and Staci also believe the time has come to share the practical skills necessary that will empower us ALL to navigate through anything. Anything you ask? Yes, anything!
During the show text in with questions: 601-207-0080