Coach Debby honors woman who has inspired millions


Tune into Story U Radio with your host Coach Debby as she honors a woman who has help other writers make the first steps to complete their own inspired works of literature.

I will be honoring Julia Cameron and her book, The Artist’s Way, ” said Coach Debby, adding, ” the Book is uniquely spiritual and thorough. It remains the guide to higher creativity for millions of writers.”

The program airs Thursday, February 20th at 4 p.m. (repeats Friday, February 21st at 6 a.m.).

Debby Handrich, MA, began her career as an Associate Professor of writing before adding psychology and spirituality to the mix. Her mentors include Alan H. Cohen, Robert Holden, and Pema Chodron, and she’s deeply inspired by Joseph Campbell, John Bradshaw, and so many brilliant writers of fiction, poetry, and mysticism.

Debby’s mission is to inspire and coach individuals to find their voice and write their book. She has coached writers who have escaped their homeland, overcome addiction, and transformed their lives after loss. She has helped entrepreneurs claim their brand and soar as speakers.

Previously the producer and co-host of Life Mastery Radio, she and Todd Alan interviewed over 300 authors and thought-leaders. Debby’s known in the Seattle area as a friend, writer, and mentor. She’s been teaching and speaking for 25 years and now is heard on Alternative Talk 1150 and on PodcastOne, one of the nation’s premier podcast providers. Her podcasts can also be found on iTunes and Tune In.

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