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Choices, Finding Your Joy With Paula Vail 12 – 03 – 19 Guest- Denise Roussel

Denise Roussel is the author of ‘Creating a New Earth-Waking Up to Who We Are’. 5 years ago Denise lost her son Cory. Since then her grief transmuted into love and insights, both from Cory and from her soul search for love in all ways, starting with herself. She is staring a new community Creating A New Earth for the purpose of supporting those who want to up level the human condition! Her website is http://www.CreatingANewEarth.org.

Paula Neva Vail
Master Teacher – Usui Reiki
Author and Speaker

The mission of Choices: Finding Your Joy is to spread positive energy, information, and inspiration through education and entertainment. The more informed viewers and listeners are about how to replenish their own emotions, body and souls; the more able they are to make choices that spread authentic awareness, truth, love, and joy to themselves and to others.

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