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Channeling Marilyn Monroe for a great cause

Marilyn Monmystic-radioroe Medium and host of Mystic Radio with Robin Alexis, has teamed up with Executive Producer Nina Boski for the Good Night Marilyn movie and radio show, to announce the details of the first ever Annual Marilyn Monroe Supporting the Troops Project.  The official announcement will occur on Mystic Radio with Robin Alexis, Wednesday, November 9th from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. (PST).  Fans of the program will not want to miss the details of this major announcement.

Mystic Radio with Robin Alexis is live metaphysical call-in program. Robin Alexis and Bob Bordonaro welcome calls from all over the world with any kind of metaphysical questions. Robin uses an array of extra-ordinary Mystical gifts that she demonstrates with amazing accuracy on the radio. Robin teaches people how to manage their own energy and help get clarity and about the choices made in life; she tells people about their past lives; she is a medium and can talk to babies, people or pets who have transitioned to the other side; and she can re-balance personal energy. For more information about the show, click here.

Robin Alexis has served as the Marilyn Monroe’s Medium since 1998.  In 2016 Marilyn Monroe channeled through Robin Alexis that she wanted to use her global appeal to support the troops in the United States of America.  Marilyn’s spirit said that entertaining the troops was the most fulfilling experience of her life.  Marilyn’s spirit also said that she wanted to encourage people to donate to a specific veteran’s non-profit charity in her memory as an annual event.

Robin worked with Marilyn’s spirit to discern exactly which charity she wanted people to donate to in her honor. She picked Operation Homefront, a charity that buys homes for veteras and their families. To learn more about the charity, click here.

Join Robin Alexis and Nina Boski right here on Alternative Talk AM1150, KKNW on Wednesday, November 9th beginning at 12 p.m. (PST)!

You can also stay in contact with Marilyn Monroe Medium Robin Alexis by clicking here.









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