Breakthrough new book on quantum physics spotlighted


Quantum Activation: Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities, is a breakthrough new book that will be discussed on The Original Loretta Brown Show, Thursday August 19th at 8 a.m. (note: repeats Monday, August 23rd at  6 a.m.) The book introduces the essential principles of quantum physics to readers and how they can utilize them to overcome limiting barriers and live life to the fullest.

Loretta Brown, host, will sit down Amit Goswami, PhD to discuss how Quantum Activation helps readers tap into the higher consciousness that makes accomplishing new goals a possibility for everyone. By tapping into one’s innate pool of knowledge and manifesting it into conscious decision-making, it becomes easy for people from all walks of life to eliminate their limiting barriers and reach their full potential. With Amit Goswami being the pioneer behind the Quantum Science of Consciousness, all three authors combine their creative talents to offer this knowledge in the most comprehensive manner and create a book that truly packs a punch. The authors help readers understand the true meaning behind what most might consider ‘bad luck.’ These things can be ancestral patterns’ negative karmic energies that go farther back into a person’s past then initially perceived. Consciousness becomes a possibility when readers utilize the cutting-edge scientific techniques highlighted in this book.

Amit Goswami, PhD, Carl David Blake and Gary Stuart wanted to create a book that combines scientific research and principles with innate human spirituality in order to harness the best of human tenacity. Together they take on a ‘multidisciplinary approach’ to teach readers how to manifest their thoughts and feelings in the most creative and productive manner possible.

Obstacles can be invisible. The knowledge from this book helps readers develop a full understanding of their own unique obstacles so they can eliminate them from the root. This process of understanding one’s own variables opens a person’s mind to higher consciousness.

From Constellations for healing and growth to enlightenment via quantum learning, the book serves as an initiation for even the most novice readers to take the Quantum leap and never look back. Quantum Activation addresses many of the dysfunctions with modern-day society and how various factors have brainwashed humans to accept a reality that is devoid of spiritual growth, learning and fulfillment.

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