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Best selling author Dr. Mario Martinez joins Travis Taylor on this week’s Divine Insights show, Tuesday at 5:30p


Dr. Mario Martinez is a licensed clinical psychologist and best selling author.  This week Travis will be talking with Dr. Martinez’ about his newest book, The MindBody Self – How Longevity is Culturally Learned and the Causes of Health are Inherited.  The MindBody Self presents groundbreaking ideas derived from rigorous scholarship and offers practical tools that we can use to shed outworn patterns and create sustainable change in our lives.  Learn how cultural beliefs affect the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of disease, the difference between growing older (which we all do) and “aging” by our culture’s standards (which we can learn NOT to do), Biocognitive tools for a healthy life, and much much more!  Join us for a transformational show and call in with questions, at 425-373-5527, or 888-298-KKNW!

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