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Aries Cosmic Collaboration: Chiron In Aries

“Surely Aries represents the instinctive burst of life-force energy to explore new uncharted domains. It happens that Mars its ruler transits Aquarius and opens the intuitive realms,” said Sue.

Astrologer Amanda Pierce holds a BA in Psychology. Teaches Empowerment in Training meditative courses. Astrologer Shannon Hayes and yoga instructor, studies the night sky, and Mayan astrology as well. Together they offer perspectives on our possibilities to realign in this long eight year transit of Chiron in Aries.

Join your host, Sue Rose Minahan, as she discusses the orchestra of life that is the Cosmos. Astrological archetypes and their related cycles take the center stage as Sue navigates the unconscious patterns that represent humanity’s collective experiences, carried from time’s past into the present. Each week brings a guest joining Sue in a conversation deliberating and sharing their astrological or life perspective on a subject involving the month’s archetype and cycle.


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