ANIMAL CALLS takes to the airwaves


Get ready to call in with your questions about animals!

ANIMAL CALLS joins the KKNW family of shows Friday, July 16th at 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. The one-hour, weekly show will be packed with great information about why the animals in your life act the way they do and how can you improve future interactions. Best of all, it’s a call-in show, so prepare your questions and get ready to learn.

Here’s an except from the radio show’s (and podcast) official media release:

Remember the TV show “Frasier”, where he ran an on-air psychology radio show based in Seattle with the catchphrase “I’m listening”?

Imagine that concept for animals, with a dose of Dr. Doolittle thrown in!

ANIMAL CALLS is a call-in show where you can ask tough questions about your pets and animals and why they behave as they do.

Karpathia Kingsley is a Certified Animal Behaviorist, with a certificate from the University of Washington in Seattle. It’s a real thing, not some mumbo jumbo.

Animal Calls is making its debut at noon Pacific Time, Friday July 16th on KKNW 1150 AM in Seattle and thereafter, every Friday at noon.

Animals, and especially our pets, are part of the everyday lives of millions of people worldwide. Yet, many people don’t really understand the language that animals use to communicate with us. Often, needs communicated in the animal-specific language are misunderstood, leaving us to wonder why animals sometimes do strange, puzzling, annoying, or destructive things in their attempt to get our attention. That’s where ANIMAL CALLS comes to the rescue!

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Karpathia Kingsley, Host

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