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Dreams have fascinated people for millennia. It seems most know that the images that come to visit their sleep state are significant, but how to interpret them is not so clear.

What’s needed is a guide. . .a person to help light the way to enlightenment.

“Thirty years ago, I awakened and I had one simple question, ‘What am I meant to be doing?’ Nothing I did gave me the answer. No course. No books. I was frustrated. I lacked clarity. I felt like I was on my own. And yes, I felt let down,” said Michael Sheridan, host of the popular So, You Think You’re Awake radio show, heard at 1 p.m. on Mondays.

Michael wanted answers and, though discouraged, was not about to give up.

“My breakthrough came when I attended a Dream Interpretation class. Now, I had done a dream interpretation course before. But it was worse than useless. I didn’t want to go to another. I was dragged there by my sister and because of my reluctance we missed the first week,” he said, adding, “But here’s what happened. I submitted a dream for analysis, and it described me to a tee. I’ll admit, it wasn’t all pretty, but I realized I had found the fountain of knowledge.”

From the seminal moment, Michael made a decision to help other seekers who are struggling to find their life purpose and spiritual gifts. Using as little as one dream, he says he can put people in touch with the life they intended to live.

Within the first year of acting on his own dreams, Michael began teaching Dream Interpretation classes. Since then, he has been interviewed on national television and on dozens of radio stations. From these interviews, interest bloomed and it lead to him creating classes for eager searchers.

“I was mobbed at exhibitions. Celebrities in the Spiritual Field asked me to interpret their dreams,” he said.

On a personal level, his new life’s mission led to improvements that landed close to home. “My health improved dramatically. I began hearing my guides and they added detail to my interpretations. All of this, from listening to my dreams.”

Michael says we are all born with the potential to be magnificent at something. But just like the hero in a movie, we have to overcome obstacles, before we can realize our potential.

On this show, he analyzes caller’s dreams. He says he wants to release listener’s potential and identify those obstacles needed to be overcome.

“I’m very specific. I tell you the magic power you have – what makes you magnificent – and the bumps in life that are holding you back. The obstacles are not in the way. . .they are the way,” Michael said.

Michael is billed as “Ireland’s favorite dream expert.” He has been a regular on the #1 TV talk show in Ireland, Ireland AM, as well as a regular on Ireland’s most popular radio shows, sharing the stage with both metaphysical and movie stars such as Paddy McMahon and Frank Vincent. His appeared on the BBC and countless other premier media outlets, interpreting dreams for a global audience.

Besides his broadcast work, he is author of two books about dream interpretation and awakening.

Specifically, Michael says he improves his client’s lives in these ways:

  • Revealing to people, their life purpose and spiritual gifts.
  • Explaining the nuance of how they are meant to use their gifts to complement each other.
  • Revealing the gifts that are not for them.
  • Helping them to remove the biggest blocks that inhibit their gifts and their joy in life.
  • Pointing out health issues revealed in their dreams, their source and the steps necessary to heal them, including going to their doctor for medical help when necessary.
  • Revealing the relationship advice given in their dreams. Including, answering why they pick the wrong partner and how they can fix that.

Many people have asked him, ‘What if I don’t remember my dreams?”

Michael says he is here to help regardless.

“My journey started with the analysis of just one dream. You only need to remember one. Plus, once you set the intention, you will remember more because you will be excited to learn what your dreams reveal. Listen in to the show to hear great tips to help you remember your dreams.”

Start your journey toward enlightenment by listening each week to So, You Think You’re Awake and log on here https://www.dream-analysis.com/kknw!