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For Lady Scribe, host of SHE READY RADIO / Radio her way, the on air persona listeners hear matches her professional direction just like the right notes make a beautiful song.

“I don’t know who’d I be or what I’d be doing, if I didn’t have an avenue to express myself,” said Lady Scribe.

During her two-hour program Sundays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., Lady Scribe weaves past life lessons with solutions for today’s challenges. The result is a cool and conscious approach to sending love out to the universe.

“With the tone of the country, it’s important to be open and honest about the things we don’t know. Being a black woman, I get to share my experiences, growing up black and female in the Pacific Northwest and America,” she said, adding, “Plus, I discuss what life is really like for a single mother who still dreams and battles every day, trying to find balance between home and career.”

SHE READY RADIO / Radio Her Way is a refreshing show featuring her candid conversations with celebrities of black Hollywood and special guests weighing in on issues related to today’s black woman, pop culture and entrepreneurship.

Lady Scribe is busy woman to say the least. Besides her fast-paced, anecdote-laced program, she is owner of SRE Media Group, which specializes in in public relations, travel reporting and event management. She is also founder of The Seattle Sound Music Awards. The awards are a wonderful platform for highlighting Seattle’s R&B/Hip Hop community. A Seattle native and Pacific Northwest Brand Ambassador, Lady Scribe is dedicated to broadening the arts and culture in Washington State.

“What sets me apart from others in my field, is my authenticity. I do nothing that I don’t believe in. No matter the fame or dollar amount, I have to make sure I am okay with the content that I share,” she said.

Lady Scribe’s clarity of purpose, dedication, relentlessness and drive are infectious.

“I’m constantly asked if I can mentor or train by those coming up. It is something that I love to do. I teach that empowerment is key to a healthy way of life,” she said.

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Nothing compares to a mother’s love. A woman’s touch. And, her undeniable hustle!

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