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Sometimes it’s easy to fixate on the differences found in people. We may make assumptions and form opinions that simply aren’t true.

There are, however, commonalties among people that can be painted with a broad brush, for instance the power of a smile. Another shared experience amongst people is that of loss.

“Although loss is an everyday occurrence. It doesn’t mean we know what to do when it happens,” says Cathy Cooper, adding, “By tuning into my show each week, listeners gain a deeper understanding of how to navigate their loss as well as guidance on finding meaning in the midst of pain.”

Cathy’s show, Loss and Found, airs from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesdays. She’s often asked, why a show on loss and grief, won’t it be too sad for people to listen to? To which her response is “absolutely not.”

“I strive to educate, validate and provide support for listeners and there is definitely humor mixed into all of that,” She goes on to say, “I wholeheartedly believe listeners walk away with something that benefits them, whether that be through an educational moment, a reflection on loss and what can come of it or gleaning something from the wisdom of a guest.”

Cathy has worked with grieving individuals for over 30 years as a masters prepared social worker, therapist and certified grief counselor. She has extensive experience in numerous settings with diverse populations. She spent 10 years in Hospice with six of those years as a grief counselor and bereavement manager. Cathy states, “That experience is what motivated me to have a show on grief. I saw day after day how lost people can be in their grief. My goal is to provide them a pathway for their loss journey.”

Regardless of the setting and loss situation, Cathy employs her special brand of heartfelt kindness, connectedness and humor.

She is the new Sales Director of a MBK Senior Living Community on Mercer Island and recognizes the loss aging individuals experience on a daily basis. She states, “Because of those losses, I want to do what I can to ensure each senior is respected and able to have purposeful living.”

Cathy is an advocate of LGBT seniors, having chaired an Alzheimer’s walk for three years.

Through it all, Cathy has stayed humble about her many years of serving others.

“I don’t necessarily feel I have qualities that set me apart from others. We all have our gifts in our professions, and social work isn’t any different,” she said.

Those who tune in to her weekly radio show might disagree, as the breadth of her experience and depths of caring are loudly broadcasted.

If you or someone you know is grieving, start the process of understanding and healing by sending Cathy a message at: lossandfoundseattle@gmail.com.