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KKNW’s Newest Star

What do you get when you mix music, current topics, and comedy and then condense it down to 60-minutes of pure listening enjoyment? E’s Way Radio, a radio talk show that spotlights what’s going on in the local community as well as around the world.

E’s Way Radio airs Fridays from 6 p.m. – 7 p.m.

“We talk politics, entertainment and sports. Our goal is to bring the news with a twist of seriousness, funny and all out, no hold back on opinions,” said Terreal Johnson aka E-Dawg, host of the program, adding, “We also like shining some light on some good local talents from the Northwest.”

E-Dawg is a well-known Rap artist from Seattle. He’s better known for his work with Grammy award winning and Platinum artist Sir Mix A Lot, being a former group member and artist signed to Mix’s record label.

Joining E-Dawg on the air are Tari Free, best known as being a former co-host on one of Seattle’s biggest syndicated radio talk show, called T Man in the Morning, heard on KUBE 93, and Sweeng One, who is one of Seattle’s funniest comedians. He’s originally from Chicago and brings big-city attitude to the show. Together, the three of them set out to entertain and make the audience think deeply about the world around them.

“E's Way Radio is a very versatile show, we have been able to combine current event discussions, music showcases and comedy in a way that's not only entertaining but informative as well,” said E-Dawg, adding, “Our cast is a mix of very different viewpoints, so when we discuss various topics, there's bound to be someone offering an opinion that our listeners can relate to in their own lives.”

E-Dawg says the team aims to improve the listeners’ lives by not only educating them about what's going on around the world, but also doing it in a way that brings a bit of levity to the conversation. In this way, he says the show offers points of view from people in different walks of life than the typical radio show usually does.

The team is always busy. Working on dynamic shows and taking care of their own projects. As for E-Dawg, the radio show has become a natural extension of a long-held dream.

“Since I was real young I always wanted to be an entertainer of some sort, so the fact that I get to entertain people doing the two things I love doing the most, music and radio, is a real dream come true.”

A question he is often asked. . .“how come the show isn’t longer?” Who knows, maybe 2021 will bring another hour of E’s Way Radio onto the Seattle radio scene? The audience, it seems, would love to hear more.