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KKNW’s Newest Star

We’ve all been there…wishing to live the life that we feel we are destined to live. Maybe it’s a profession that has been calling or a creative pursuit yet to be fulfilled. Whatever the source of angst, there is a new program on Alternative Talk 1150 for all you “searchers” out there. Tune in and listen, and just maybe your true self will come more into view.

“Method Meets Magic Radio is the place where you learn how to connect with that intuitive voice, heal, and most important of all, take action and create positive change in your life. This show is fun, positive, enlightening and encouraging,” said Jess Bubbico, co-host of the program.

Daniel Mangena, the other co-host couldn’t agree more.

“Jess and I blend two powerful worlds – the structure of a formulaic and systemized approach to creating our lives with the often untapped magic inherent in all of us. We all know someone who reads, meditates or works 20 hours a day, but the shifts happen and results show up in that beautiful space of balance that honors all of these areas,” he said, adding, “In this fun, enriching and inspiring space, we facilitate this show every week.”

Method Meets Magic airs weekly on Mondays from 1 p.m. to 2p.m.

Daniel and Jess have combined their life skills and professional passions and built their show to be both engaging and informative.

For his part, Daniel teaches how to use the tools that he himself created:

  • Beyond Intention.
  • Ideal Life Blueprint.
  • Purpose Driven Peak Performance.

He says these tried-and-tested tools have been used by thousands of people all over the world to get results and create consciously chosen outcomes.

“Specifically, I empower them to be deliberate in the “what” when it comes to the desired look and feel of their lives. I empower them to actually create personalized outcomes in a tangible and visceral way. I have found often that my role also involves working with people who have been in some type of work or practice for some time. I offer them a framework to translate their efforts – sometimes something that has been a practice for decades – into real and lasting results.”

Jess says her grounded approach to spirituality has figured greatly in helping others. She uses metaphysical tools along with practical tangible tools to help her clients become empowered to change their own lives. This is a commitment that she says permeates her own life’s walk.

“My profession means everything to me. The more we can learn to go within ourselves and seek the clarity and answers our souls are desiring, the more we change the world for the better. I believe each and every person has their own personal GPS system within that’s guiding them toward their next step on the journey. As we listen to that voice, we heal and grow our souls,” she said, adding, “Taking my clients on a journey to listen to and strengthen their voice and heal themselves from the inside out brings me the greatest joy.”

Through motivational speech, Daniel says he shares his vision of empowerment and joy. As an author, podcast host, and workshop presenter, he helps listeners and clients alike find meaning and joy in their lives.

“For me it expands beyond a profession. What I do now, empowering people to live their lives deliberately through the choices they make, is a calling. The road that brought me to this leaves me completely confident on every level that it is why I am here on this planet,” he said.

Jess is an Intuitive Medium and Coach who says she loves igniting people to come alive in their purpose and gifts. She teaches her clients how to become the co-creator of their own destiny and live the life they desire.

“I don’t believe I improve my clients’ lives, I believe that they improve their lives by taking the teachings and then taking action in their lives. I guide them towards finding a deeper understanding and trust within themselves so they’re equipped with the lifelong tools to find fulfillment and joy,” she said.

When asked, “What is the most common question she gets from people? Jess replied, “Most ask, can you read me?”

For fans of Method Meets Magic, it’s easy to see that they have a solid “reading” of what the show is all about. Their loyal listeners tune in weekly to get a clearer view of the path before them. What direction they choose from there is their choice, but no doubt it’s truly helpful have sage guides in the likes of Dan and Jess.

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