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For centuries people have looked to the skies for answers to life’s mysteries. Fascination with the heavens continues today as inhabitants on the Earth still seek the truths about the stars, planets and moons. The central question still remains: “What does it all mean to my life?”

At least some answers can be found by listening to Talk Cosmos, heard Saturdays from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Hosted by Sue Rose Minahan, Talk Cosmos navigates the unconscious patterns that represent humanity’s collective experiences, carried from time’s past into the present.

“Astrology offers the opportunity to fathom life’s essential motives, meanings or purpose through the process of experiencing life’s phases of cycles creating rebirth evolving consciousness,” said Sue.

Talk Cosmos aims to lead listeners on the path to discover how the Cosmos is an ultimate force of changes, how Astrology is viewed from Earth, relating to our solar system’s orbital cycles, and how Astrology is a living tool to better understand our diverse nature.

The program has become a vibrant dialogue between astrologers and non-astrologers engaged contemplatively pursuing facets of archetypal commonalities binding humanity’s patterns of behavior still developing since the dawn of time.

“Free will eternally empowers the soulful path. Realizing one’s energetic strengths or weaknesses to unify serves an individual to become the master of their fate and the captain of their soul,” she said.

Astrology entered Sue’s life officially during her 20’s. She came to learn that, scientifically, our bodies and earth possess the same 70 percent balance of water to earth/matter. Ultimately, she says, the sun and moon’s gravitational pull routinely shifts the ocean’s tides and affect our body’s inner water content.

Sue came to realize that humans live connected to the energies of the entire cosmos.

Such weighty concepts and realizations took maturity to come to fruition, but Sue had a feeling early on she had a special way to sense the unseen.

“Even at five years old, first starting school, I asked classmates their name and birthday,” Sue said, adding, “Then, at seven or eight, I pondered the stars, wondering how to ever accept eternity that reached beyond forever.”

Sue says the most common questions she gets today is “What is astrology?” To which she answers that Astrology is the study of the cycles and movements of the astronomical bodies of the planets, the luminaries of the sun, moon and stars, the points of elliptical intersections of planets and orbits creating nodal points such as the moon, synodic cycles such as Venus and every dynamics of the galaxy our solar system inhabits.

She dissects that definition and applies it to listeners’ lives both on radio and in person. Sue belongs to various astrological memberships, and is in the process of studying for certification. She attends numerous astrology conferences, workshops, lectures, webinars, and actively confers with colleagues.

All this work in the pursuit of helping those around her.

“Diverse voices speak, sharing educated thoughts to delve beyond the known and discover perceptions revealing the truth of cosmic actualities of the fundamental ancient’s view – as above as below,” she said.

Began your personal journey of understanding Astrology by learning more at https://talkcosmos.com.