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Some couples have a lot in common, like similar hobbies or matching tastes. For one couple hosting a show on Alternative Talk 1150, their commonality is not only unique, but also a gift to those around them.

Each week, Sha’ron and Skip Leingang, hosts of The Psychic Spectrum Radio Show, bring together their combined psychic abilities to help people answer critical life questions. Their program airs live on Tuesdays from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. and repeats on Saturdays from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

For listeners, The Psychic Spectrum Radio Show is a journey into the metaphysical world, where they may well discover their own spiritual path. As guides during this journey, Sha’ron and Skip view their psychic gifts with deep respect.

“We believe that psychic ability brings with it heavy responsibility. It requires that we carry integrity and a very real sense of caring in everything we do,” said Skip, adding, “We feel that the work we do is a way of life. This view enables us to help others and ourselves in a real, down-to-earth space of being. We thank God for our gifts and always acknowledge that it isn’t us, but Spirit working through us.”

Their dedication shines through each week, and for several reasons listeners tune in time and again.

“First off we keep things real and down to earth. We never showboat or try to add a little Hollywood just for flash. We want to help others, as well as show them that they have the same ability as we do, and that they can learn to do this work themselves,” said Sha’ron.

Secondly, they say people tune in because they are always in “teaching mode.” They carry this love of teaching with them on and off the air. Couple that with their use of humor and it’s easy to see why radio listeners and attendees to their events keep coming back for more.

“We offer real solutions to real life. When we talk with people, or host our radio program, we offer practical, plain and simple options for each person to explore and adapt into their life,” said Skip, adding, “We both agree that God gave everyone free will and free choice and that they should exercise that choice as they see fit.”

Combined, Sha’ron and Skip have performed tens of thousands of readings, performed countless marriage ceremonies, hosted many radio shows on multiple stations, and even appeared on television as special guests. Their time is at a premium when you also add in their works of authoring books, writing articles, teaching workshops, and helping police departments solve crimes, and find missing persons.

“We are highly active with teaching others to do what we do, probably more than any others in our field. We conduct at least five learning events each month. . .all of which are entertaining, fun and friendly,” said Skip.

Sha’ron echoes his thoughts about their commitment to those around them.

“We don’t just provide information that people can use to get through whatever they are experiencing. We also teach them to develop and use their own gifts, to whatever degree they feel comfortable,” she said.

Whether on their weekly radio show or at one of their many workshops, people approach them with many questions. Life, love and loss or common themes, but one question most often rises to the surface.

They often hear: “How do you know that you are getting your psychic information from the White Side or from God, and not from the dark side?”

To which, they reply: “We protect ourselves and our clients with the White Light, in everything we do.”

Sha’ron says she was born with her gifts and abilities, and that it comes natural to her. She was raised in a loving, Christian home. Though her family wasn’t particularly religious, they were definitely spiritual in their beliefs. Being born with her gifts, Sha’ron says she has the ability to turn her psychic abilities off when they are not in use.

For his part, Skip says he was not born with his gifts and abilities. He says they came following a motorcycle crash in 1976, where he suffered a severe head injury. He says he had a profound near-death experience, traveling into the “white light.” Once through immersed in light, Skip says he had a lengthy conversation with his grandfather, who passed when he was only five years old. His grandfather explained to him that it wasn’t his time yet and that he could stay or go back and that it was his choice. Skip chose to return.

Both Sha’ron and Skip took different paths to where they are today, but together they have become a real force for KKNW listeners and the people they meet though their in-person work.

Sha’ron and Skip have been married for 44 years. They are authors, psychic/mediums, lecturers, teachers, and metaphysical event producers. For more information about this dynamic duo, log on to www.psychicspectrum.com.