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When you meet the hosts of The Way with Jazz and Tae you can’t help but be lifted by their enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit. Shantae Young (Tae) and Jasmine Kendrick (Jazz), host their program during the heart of Seattle’s morning commute, Thursdays from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. The Way with Jazz and Tae radio show, and corresponding podcast, offers up their weekly take on what they deem “The Way” and “Not the Way,” on hot topics such as pop culture, politics and music.

“The Way with Jazz and Tae is a creative outlet for us express ourselves and to connect with likeminded people,” said Tae, adding, “We hope to foster deeper conversation among our listeners and hopefully that carries into their daily life.”

Listeners can’t help but have their days brightened when they tune in Thursdays at 7 a.m. or subscribe to the duo’s podcast. The pace is fast, fun and energizing. They even say they “guarantee there will be more than one episode you wish you could be in the room for, so that you can add your two cents.”

“We met just three years ago, but it seems like we are twin sisters. We have completely different personalities and yet are somehow completely in sync,” said Jazz.

They need all the energy they can muster, as both lead very busy lives.

Tae, for her part, is a Content Creator, Marketing Coordinator, Podcaster and Pop Culture enthusiast. She says she is a quirky realist who likes to go with the facts. She is technically a transplant to Seattle, due to her Navy upbringing, however, considers Washington to be home as she has lived here now for 11 years. By day she is a Marketing Coordinator and fangirls over things like social media and analytics. By night, she is a pop-culture junkie, karaoke superstar, and budding political enthusiast.

Jazz is equally engaged with what her life has to offer. She is an HR Administrator, Model, Podcaster and Sloth Enthusiast. She says she is an outgoing Leo, who makes friends and conversation anywhere she goes. Her love for people and communication have aided in her success as an HR Administrator and budding podcaster. Born and raised right here in West Seattle, Jasmine plans on bringing a truly Seattle perspective to all topics on The Way, as only a 206-native can.

Combined, they bring an energy and positivity that is refreshing in today’s world. They say they like to keep things light because there’s always so much going on for people in the day to day.

“We want to be their change in pace and the thing they look forward to each week,” said Jazz.

Tae wholeheartedly agrees.

“It is one of my personal goals to make people smile and laugh and I hope to do that every time they hear an episode.”

When asked, “What is the most common question you get about The Way with Jazz and Tae?” they respond, Where can I find it?” and “What is it all about?”

The complete answers to these questions can both be found here (insert link to show page).

Without skipping a beat, Tae also points out another question they get, “Are you two twins?”

While not family by relation, they have a kinship in their mission to bring those they reach hope, through deep conversation, refreshing energy, and an out-of-the-box/entertaining delivery.

Learn all about the fun and informative The Way with Jazz and Tae:

Email: thewayjt@gmail.com
Twitter: TheWayJT
Instagram: thewayjazzandtae
Facebook: The Way with Jazz and Tae