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A Wealthy Life for Her is a new and informative radio show covering the financial and life decisions critical to generating a wealthy life. There are many radio shows and even entire television networks dedicated to the subject of wealth management and success in life.

The playing field, it would seem, is crowded and offers little new.

A Wealthy Life for Her, however, is indeed unique thanks to one word in its name: Her.

The program, which airs Wednesdays from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. on Alternative Talk 1150, is hosted by Tresa Leftenant, CFP®, a woman who has based her career on helping women pursue financial success.

“Women are yearning to play a bigger part in their own lives, in their family’s lives and, in the world at large,” said Tresa, adding, “Women appreciate learning from other women, benefit from supporting each other as each pursues her own big dreams.”

Tresa is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and founder of Reinventing Her Money, an independent financial planning and investment management company on Seattle's Eastside. She is also author of Reinventing Her, Helping Women Plan, Pursue and Capitalize on Their Next Chapter.
As a seasoned professional in the financial services industry with training in life success strategies, Tresa blends financial planning with transformative coaching to empower women to create the lives they truly want. She teaches success strategies and demystifies the complex investing landscape, with the goal of significantly increasing the number of women who enjoy a six-figure income and a seven-figure net worth.

Tresa says her business has not only been helpful to her clients, but also profoundly fulfilling to her over the years.

“This is important work, honorable work. I know it’s my purpose because of the enjoyment I receive as I perform all the complicated tasks required of me. I’m responsible for making sure many of the behind-the-scenes details actually get handled, and developing a plan of action that is ultimately workable for my client.”

Listeners to her radio show and podcast are beginning to learn what her clients already know; Tresa is committed to helping women find their best financial footing.

During her one-hour program, Tresa interviews women who are pursuing their version of a wealthy life. She asks them to share their unique journey and perspectives on why they took the path they are on, what challenges have they overcome, what drives and motivates their actions and what message they are burning to pass on to other women.

“I invite my guests to inspire our listeners with big ideas and real-life tools that are working for them. My vision for the show is to give women a platform to share who they really are, to allow their success to motivate and inspire others. If a listener decides to take just one new step to improve her life, I’m happy and satisfied. My purpose is to empower women to ascend to her highest and best life, a wealthy life,” she said.

Tresa brings to her radio show and podcast a breadth of knowledge about how to break down the barriers to women when it comes to financial concerns. Still, she sites some statistics that illustrate how far is left to go in order to remedy the divide. She says that according to a 2015 Fidelity Investments FIT Women Study:

·         92% of women surveyed said they want to learn more about financial planning, but 8 in 10 women still refrain from discussing finances.
·         60% of women surveyed said they worry they won’t have enough to last through retirement and 65% don’t take advantage of employer-offered retirement guidance.
·         Though those women surveyed said that more support would encourage them to engage in their finances, 70% are not working with a financial professional.
·         Most responded that they would be motivated to work with a financial planner, provided they felt more comfortable.

“In the past, financial planners have marketed themselves quietly and privately. But the state of women’s finances and their hesitancy to talk about money requires a bolder response. My radio show and podcast is how I shout from the rooftop,” she said, adding what she shouts is, “We have a problem here ladies and we can’t ignore it any longer! Pay attention! Get busy!”

Still there is much work to do, as Tresa points out that women not only need to get educated on financial issues, but also find a trusted advisor to partner with who helps them manage money effectively and courageously. Women, Tresa says, are financially behind in so many ways; they earn less than men, live an average five years longer, take time out from their career to raise children and are less confident making financial choices.

“We can change this and I’m dedicated to doing my part,” She said.

Whether done in person with clients, or with listeners through her popular radio show and podcast, Tresa helps dispel the common perception that working with a financial planner is too expensive and complicated.

“I’m valuable to my clients not because I tell them when to buy or sell a stock, but because we work together to provide peace of mind in many different ways. I help them know where they are going and why they are making the financial choices they are making.”

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