5 Ways To Feel Totally Cherished In Your Relationship 


What would your day-to-day look like if you felt cherished all the time by your partner? Can you even imagine such a thing? (Yes, it’s possible!) Sadly, so many of us, especially those of us in long-term relationships automatically think “can’t relate” when asked this question.

What does it even mean to be cherished, anyway? It sounds good and all…but what would the experience of “feeling cherished” actually be like?

In the Thursday, April 15th, 1 p.m. episode of Love Shack Live, hosts Staci and Tom Bartley discuss the several key topics about how to feel cherished in your relationship, including:

  • Exactly how you cultivate an experience of feeling cherished in your relationship.
  • What’s the difference between feeling cherished and feeling loved?
  • Do men want to feel cherished as much as women do?
  • Is it possible to create a feeling of cherishing your partner even if you’re going through a tough spot in your relationship?

“We’re talking about all this and more in this week’s conversation inside the Love Shack. Join us live on Thursday at 1:00 p.m.,” said Staci.

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Tom and Staci have been teaching and mentoring individuals and couples from around the world for the past decade, on how to experience love for a lifetime. They are passionate about helping people lighten up a bit, so they can dismantle the many myths, lies, and taboos that take them nowhere good. Tom and Staci also believe the time has come to share the practical skills necessary that will empower us ALL to navigate through anything. Anything you ask? Yes, anything!
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