C-Sessions welcomes Jennifer Tamman, member of Healthy Living Revolution


Tune into C-Sessions, Wednesday, December 16th at 4 p.m. as host Randall Broad welcomes Jennifer Tamman, member of the ‘Healthy Living Revolution’ to his show.

Anyone who has heard the words, “you have cancer,” learn very quickly and know all too well, we are what we eat.  This week’s C-Sessions is focused on healthy living.  Healthy living used to be easy. We would eat food from the garden, drink from the hose, and play until the sun went down. Somewhere along the line, living a healthy lifestyle became complicated…and our guest this week is on a mission to bring healthy in our lives back!

Jennifer will guest on the program as she continues her work to help those around her learn more about this extremely important aspect of living an extraordinary life.

What is the Healthy Living Revolution? They are a massive movement of people on a mission to inspire others to take ownership of their own health journey. They provide resources to support you in your community and provide events that encourage and educate you on your way to living a healthier life.  They share a simple way to flood your body with fruits, vegetables, berries, and health minded diets to jump-start your life, shed the unhealthy habits that are not serving you, and establish new ones.

About your host: Randall was diagnosed with Stage III non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC.)  Following his ‘deemed inoperable’ surgery, the surgeon’s prognosis was a bleak one. He was told, “You best get your things in order.”  With this directive, Randall set about “re-ordering” his life by reprioritizing his values.  First on the list was his family; to have them know each other in a meaningful way.  Next on the relationship ‘to do’ list was his extended cancer family with focus on support, communication, and inspiration.   Twelve years following his lifestyle reboot, he continues amongst the living and sharing healing stories.

The cancer journey led Broad to chronicle key learnings for posterity sake.  What materialized was the Amazon best seller, It’s an Extraordinary Life – Don’t Miss It.  The book has since opened the door to the world of professional speaking and full-time healthcare advocacy.   The take away from this experience was to realize how much people engage by listening to stories…real life stories that touch on the fabric of life.

Last year, Broad subsequently created the program, C-Sessions.  The goal, supporting cancer patients in their journey by creating a healthcare-focused program designed to improve communication and collaboration between Patients and their Healthcare Provider. The bottom-line, to improve outcomes.

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