3 Steps to Let Go of Past Relationship Trauma & Stop Worrying About The Future

Love Shack Live (25)

We all want to be happy in our relationships, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. Especially when it feels like you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of pain and worry. You don’t know how to let go and move on. It’s easy to get stuck in the same old patterns of behavior without realizing how much damage you’re doing. And it can be especially hard when you’re navigating mistakes that have happened in your current relationship.

Join hosts Staci and Tom Bartley of Love Shack Live on Thursday, January 27th at 1 p.m. as they discuss how to heal your past relationship pain and stop worrying about what-ifs of the future! It’s time to learn how to live peacefully in the present and stop beating yourself up so you can have a healthy relationship.

“We have all been there. That place of pain, worry, and self-doubt when it comes to our relationships. We may have even struggled with this for years on end. It feels like we can’t break free from the cycle no matter what we do. But guess what? We can! This week we’re discussing the 3 simple steps to help you get over past relationship pain, and stop worrying about all the what-ifs of the future,” Staci said, adding, “We’ll be talking about how to get out of a rut, how to find peace within yourself, and how to leverage your mistakes from the past so you can stop living them in the present.”

In this episode, they’re covering several key topics about how to get over past relationship trauma, including:

  • How to stop worrying about what might be so you can let go of pain from the past even if it is from your current relationship.
  • Learn simple techniques to get rid of old habits and patterns and heal your relationship.
  • Giving a voice to your old relationship issues so you can free yourself from the emotional baggage that is weighing you down.
  • How to experience a future with less worry and hurt and more peace.

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Staci and Tom Bartley, Hosts
Tom and Staci have been teaching and mentoring individuals and couples from around the world for the past decade, on how to experience love for a lifetime. They are passionate about helping people lighten up a bit, so they can dismantle the many myths, lies, and taboos that take them nowhere good. Tom and Staci also believe the time has come to share the practical skills necessary that will empower us ALL to navigate through anything. Anything you ask? Yes, anything!
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