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2-03-19: Sheriff Family, founders of Muslim Community Resource Center, www.mcrcseattle.org

Nikhath (Nikki) Sheriff is the Founder & CEO of the Muslim Community Resource Center in Redmond. Her husband Khizer is the Executive Director, and daughter Nehath is the Director of the Medical Clinic operated by MCRC. It’s a one day a month free clinic/sliding scale that is growing through referrals and a partnership with Swedish to being full time. (And Nehath directs this from the East Coast while attending university!) MCRC was a vision Nikki had 10 years ago where she saw a need to serve humanity in our community. They provide meals and serve the homeless in various ways. And recently during the Federal Gov’t shut down, took meals and gift cards to the TSA employees at the airport. Care and support of the community in action!


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