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About Wisdom Within

We live in a world, day to day, that has become predictable. We are distracted with technological static, meaningless chatter and linear routines, we have begun to lose touch of what we truly are capable of, the depths of our true potential & power.

Join Seattle Native, Psychic Medium & Crystal Child, Lyndsey Paul; Her Sidekick & Skeptic Abraham Deweese & Indigo Child Sarah Ellis; As they reveal the unknown, shake up old paradigms and fearlessly tap into the depths of wisdom. They will help you soar to new heights by answering your ultimate questions.

No topics is off limits! Get out of your head and tune into your soul! Thursdays 1-2pm.

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peterparker - I used to listen to this show every now and then. Most of the people calling are somewhat lost in their life. I believe it is very good to support those kinds of people. They provide great support and sometimes even managed to lift them up. Thumbsup for the show.

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