This week on our Public Affairs Program Sunday at 5a and Saturday at 5p.


Our guests this week are from Seattle Tilth; Amanda Boyle and Katie Vincent.
Seattle Tilth is all about Urban Farming; inspiring and educating people about equitable and sustainable food system practices.
Seattle Tilth not only teaches you what crops work well in our area at different times of year, but which animals work well and are allowed in the city as Urban Livestock. They also host a Garden Hotline to ask questions directly of horticulturists.
Seattle Tilth is hosting a Chicken Coop & Urban Farm Tour Saturday, July 11th.
Learn more online at or call 206-633-0451. The Garden Hotline has its own website and phone number 206-633-0224 and

In the second half of the hour, It’s Sunday Morning magazine with Kate Daniels.






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