This week on our Public Affairs Program Sunday at 5a


Our guest this week offers us a new perspective on how we approach homelessness in our community.
Rex Holbein is the Executive Director at Facing Homelessness. Rex and Facing Homelessness do not run their non-profit like others that are trying to end homelessness; instead of offering shelter beds or a soup kitchen, they are asking people to take action on a personal level. From something as simple as making eye contact with street person and saying hello, to directly giving them socks or a sleeping bag, or perhaps even inviting them into your home. Rex feels we need to move the way we look for answers to this complex problem from our heads to our hearts. He is an inspiring man to listen to and will get you thinking.  Learn more on line at or join their facebook community of more than 30,000.

And in our second half its Sunday Morning Magazine with Kate Daniels.










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