This week on our Public Affairs Program

This week we speak with Sarah Creachbaum, the Superintendent at Olympic National Park and Laurie Ward, the Executive Director of Washington’s National Park Fund.
Washington’s National Park Fund supports Washington State’s national parks by maintaining a focus on science & research, improving visitors’ experiences, strengthening volunteer and stewardship programs, and building up youth & family programs.
One easy and visible way Washington State residents contribute funds to Washington’s National Park Fund is by the purchase of a special license plate for their automobiles, motorcycles and/or trailers. The sale of each plate results in a $28 contribution to support Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic National Parks. Last year, more than $120,000 was donated to the parks from the sale of these plates.
Learn more about Washington’s National Park Fund by visiting their website at


Dennis Rominger is an energy efficiency expert for Puget Sound Energy. He has a list of ways we can save on energy costs in our homes: seal and insulate any drafty areas, replace old shower heads–we waste a lot of water, and the heating of that adds up to cost, use a power strip to completely turn off energy drains to equipment and appliances. PSE teams dressed in bright yellow shirts will be at Westfield Southcenter, Dec. 19-21. They will be handing out “Golden Upgrade” tickets to customers to win some great prizes, from high-performance showerheads to energy-efficient TVs. or 1-800-562-1482




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