This week on our Public Affairs Program

This week we meet Michael Stewart and Charles Di Bona from Boyer Children’s Clinic. Michael is the Executive Director and Charles is not only a member of the Board of Directors, but is the parent of a graduate of Boyer.
Boyer Children’s Clinic has been serving children with developmental delays and neuromuscalar disorders in Seattle for over 70 years. No one is turned away for service due to an inability to pay at this clinic for children 3 years and under. Not only are the children given the education, therapy, and socialization they need; but the parents and families are included in a comprehensive way that allows the family to learn and grow with the knowledge it takes to raise a child of special needs.
Boyer is looking to expand next year with a new facility in northeast Seattle.
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David Flink–in elementary school he was told he needed to work harder, he was always clowning around, and then asked to leave the school. In Junior High he was finally diagnosed with dyslexia, and ADHD. A student at Brown University he connected with other like students and from that experience created ‘Eye to Eye National’, working in schools with students to realize they just think differently. Now David’s book tells the great stories: Thinking Differently–An Inspiring Guide for Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities.

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