This week on our Public Affairs Program Sunday at 5a


This week on our Public Affairs Program, Sunday at 5a:

Our guest this week is the Executive Director at Havens Community Connections, Danielle Madrid.
Havens Community Connections helps women in affluent marriages build a safe exit strategy out of the domestic abuse they may find themselves in. Danielle explains that women from affluent backgrounds have unique challenges when facing the problem of spousal abuse; many people don’t understand that they would need help, or that such problems exist in those types of neighborhoods in the first place. The bruises and emotional pain are just as real though, and Havens Community Connections uses coaches who have been through the same struggles to connect women with the resources they need to build a life raft as they jump ship from an abusive life. Learn more online at Email or call Danielle at  425-753-8700


In our second half its Sunday Morning Magazine with Kate Daniels; 

Charlie Campisi, now retired, is the longest-serving Chief of the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau, an elite unit tasked with investigating fellow officers suspected of misconduct. He shares the stories of these years in his book– Blue on Blue: An Insider’s Story of Good Cops Catching Bad Cops. While negative activities take place, Charlie says that the overall percentage is very low.



















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