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This week we get an update on the campaign to a Coal Free Washington from the Sierra Club. Robin Everett is the Lead Organizer and Doug Howell is the Senior Campaign Representative for the Washington chapter of The Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal effort.
We learn that Puget Sound Energy produces about one third of its power by burning coal. In the past four years The Sierra Club has successfully influenced the citizens and politicians of our region to begin retiring the coal mine in Montana that Puget Sound Energy owns. The conversation also discusses the upcoming challenges of transitioning from other sources of power that produce green house gases, natural gas and oil.
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And in our second half its Sunday Morning Magazine with Kate Daniels;

Rabbi Bogomilsky, a local leader heads up the Friendship Circle, based on Mercer Island but serving the Seattle/Bellevue area. A major fundraiser– Walk With Friendship happens on Sunday, October 9, at Luther Burbank Park. It’s a great time to support an important community entity, which supports youth who are differently abled, their families, and it’s a way for us to feel we are the community.












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