This week on our Public Affairs Program

This week we get to speak with Vicky Lee, the Director of Education & Performance Programs at The Seattle Theatre Group.
The Seattle Theatre Group (STG) is made up of The Paramount Theatre, The Moore Theatre, and The Neptune Theatre; most people don’t know that they are a non profit or that they have an education department!
It is part of the mission of the STG to not only entertain us, but to make diverse performing arts and education an integral part of our region’s rich cultural identity while keeping these three landmark venues alive and vibrant.
Vicky describes a number of opportunities for Seattle youth, whether they are interested in songwriting, dance, or theater.
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Dr. Brett Osborn is a neurosurgeon whose big message is about concussions–in kids as well as adults, and the need to always err on the side of caution when they occurs. This is especially important for youth because of their developing brain. In adults we have the current situation with football players and their suit, because repeated concussions do contribute to dementia. For youth Dr. Osborn dicusses recent helmet technology, actually a cap called ‘check lite technology’ which lights up with green, yellow, and red lights, demonstrating the level of impact a hit has caused to the head. Dr. Osborn is also the author of “Get Serious: A Neurosurgeon’s Gide to Optimal Health and Fitness”.


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