This week on our Public Affairs Program Sunday at 5a.


This week we’ll meet Movin’ 92.5 DJ Justin and hear how his local Scooter Club, the Sons of Destiny, have dedicated themselves to helping kids who have had the rug pulled out from under their world. Hand In Hand’s Executive Director Todd McNeal joins the conversation to describe the plight of children in need of transitional housing when they have been found to have been neglected, abused, and in the unknown world of CPS or the Foster Care system.
Justin encourages listeners to donate back to school items through the Big Hearts & Backpacks drive to benefit Hand In Hand’s Safe Place program lovingly run by Todd.
Donate and learn more online at

In the second half of the hour, It’s Sunday Morning magazine with Kate Daniels.

Shelly Baldwin works with the Washington Traffic Safety Commission and brings important information to keep us safe, and alive the rest of the summer. Patrols are highly increased now through Labor Day weekend. The summer months are the deadliest on the roads, and young men–teens and 20s–have the highest toll. A big emphasis is on increased education about marijuana use and driving–as this has been the cause of a greater number of accidents in the last year. Shelley says we need to apply all the good plans around drinking an driving to use of any intoxicant. The new PSA focus is: “Drunk, Drugs, or High—It’s a DUI”.






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