This week on our Public Affairs Program

This week we speak with Kenneth Himma, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy at Seattle Pacific University.
Dr. Himma has contributed to a new book titled How To Achieve A Heaven On Earth, 101 insightful essays from the world’s greatest thinkers, leaders, and writers. Professor Himma’s piece is titled The Obligation To Help The Poor.
It is a stimulating conversation that looks at our individual and societal obligation to the poor among us from both a secular and non-secular viewpoint.

and in our second half:
Dana Manciagli is a great spokeswoman and has a strong voice when it comes to confronting breast cancer, as it has affected both her and her twin sister Tracy, who lost her battle earlier this year. Tajana Cahoon is the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event coordinator and together these women invite us all to participate in the action, and support research. The walk is Saturday October 18 at Fisher Plaza in Seattle.

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