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April 18

Three great astrologers,Eileen Grimes in the studio and Donna Woodwell in Austin, TX and Leslie Francis in Alberta, Canada will be on the phone joining us to discuss the impact of The Grand Cross and the overarching Pluto Uranus square


April 25

Sharon Reige Maynord returns with a view Estar's impact and The Grand Cross and how the preceding weeks months and years as the Great Feminine has been re-emerging. Is there a Patriarchal backlash? How does the feminine meet the violence of rape and suppression in a non violent way that enhances all humanity and brings peace to our reality.


May 2

Michael Light weaver will come to us from his amazing retreat in North Carolina to talk about his new book, The World According to Michael


May 9

Dr. Janet Colli returns to discuss near death experiences.


May 16

From Nez Perc territory on the Washington Idaho border, Susan will talk with local artists and musicians


May 23

The Northwest Astrology Conference (NORWAC) is brimming with astrological information and more opinions on the impact of The Pluto Uranus square and the Grand Cross


May 30

Boreal Forests Rain forests climate change. What can each of us do to maintain the life giving methods of the earth that sustain us? Medicinal herbs and growing pollinator friendly gardens are part of that.


June 6

Changing behavior in our families in society and within ourselves. Do we do this in stages? What comes first? What motivates change?