The Jopra Show on 1150 KKNW

Fridays 1:00 - 3:00 PM

The Jopra Show is moving to Fridays at 1p and they will be broadcasting live from Poquitos to celebrate!

Friday May 3rd, we're proud to announce The Jopra Show 'No Excuse Truth' talk radio hosted by Joe Jeannot, first live remote to kick-off Cinco de Mayo at Poquitos on Capitol Hill.

Kicking off Cinco de Mayo weekend on The Jopra Show live at Poquitos. Seattle's own Murray Stenson sitting down with Jopra to discuss his health and what's next for the "Blur"?

With the running of 139th kentucky Derby Saturday May 4th, we wiill get the inside 'Exatca' from Emerald Downs own Joe Withee.

And, to kick-off Cinco de Mayo weekend, we will have On The Town with Lisa's "The Great Guac & Rita Search" throw down sponsored by Don Julio Tequila & Poquitos.


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