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The Wake Up Show

Wednesdays, 8 am – 9 am

The Wake Up Show, hosted by global artist Greg Lawson, gives voice to The Principle Movement, or TPM, which exists to shed new light on the time-honored values we call “principles.”

Specific principles exist as natural laws at work in all of humanity and are freely available for use by virtually all people. When used in a positive way, they can invigorate individuals and benefit whole societies.

The natural laws we call principles are superior to institutional law because they are organically produced and freely distributed to all persons. Since principles don’t favor nationalities or institutions of any kind, they can be used to better the living conditions for every person or for every society in a non-competitive way.

Greg Lawson has been teaching the values of “Principles First” in public meetings, private gatherings and in one-on-one sessions for several years. He also wrote the book “One For All” to introduce valuable concepts associated with the basic application and use of positivity in principles engagement.

The show is a mix of knowledge, experience, wisdom, humor and practical realities that can reach a broad spectrum of cross-cultural spaces and people. ‘Wake Up’ contains an honest, straightforward and unifying message that will be appreciated by many, and reviled by a few. The show offers positive solutions to thorny issues facing humanity in every social model.

The Wake Up Show is truly about all of us, not just some of us. It is not aimed at the politically left; nor the politically right. It is not religious; not scientific; not about out-of-body experiences; though it may throw some light-hearted humor in almost any direction, it does not choose to demean any group, ideology, or entity.

To learn more please visit TPM online with this link:  http://www.TPM.Today

To learn more about the host visit this link:  http://www.greglawson.com