Conquest Consciousness



Get Ready to Raise your Vibrational Frequency & Live from your Heart!

Your host, Jacqueline Conquest ‘Eagle Wolf Heart’, MA.LMHC.CCH, Metaphysician, w/over 30 years professional private practice, Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist, Researcher in Transformational Shifting of Consciousness…The Bedrock of the show…, Psychic Phenomena, UFO’S and Other Worldly Dimensions, she will enlighten and transform your thinking as she brings you her own profound metaphysical understandings and exciting guests on the cutting edge of heart expansion and the timely evolution in consciousness.

Live call in readings open the door for; energy clearing, transformational shifting of consciousness, dreams, communication with angels, loved ones crossed over, energy medicine, metaphysics and UFO’s. Listen and wake up to your own knowing and live from your heart!

We will explore, expand and shift consciousness into transformation through; education via enlightenment, energy medicine, dreams, psyche phenomena, communicating with angels, masters guides and loved ones that have crossed over including animal communication, visions past life recall, future lives, spirit releasement, soul retrieval, mental telepathy, UFO’s, star seeds, Children: Indigo, Crystalline, Rainbows, explorations in time travel and parallel realities, other worldly dimensions, and metaphysics. Get ready to raise your Vibrational Frequency and expand your heart chakra into the expanding Universe awaking enlightenment, shifting consciousnesses and understanding that, we are ‘one’ with all things. Every Thursday @12pm PST on Alternative Talk 1150am.