Astrologer’s Daughter with T & Kyra

Fridays at 1 p.m. – 2 p.m.

Live from Hollywood, a mother-daughter astrology team (Teresa Clark, Kelly Chambers) pairs up with psychic (Kyra Oser) to wax poetic about the nature of the Universe and tackle your questions using the full force of their comedic & intuitive gifts. Astrology readings, tarot spreads and personal development coaching are only a few of the tools in their collective bag of wisdom!

Whether you’re looking for relationship and career counsel or a fun-loving kick in the pants, call 888-298-5569 and they’ll leave you with insightful gems to get you back to living the life for which you were destined.

Kelly (, Teresa ( and Kyra ( were formerly featured on CBS radio’s Zodiac Divas where they interviewed celebrity guests. Life coach Michelle Morgan ( joins them the last Friday of each month.