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Are you ready to live in gratitude, joy and love?

Ask Sara with Sara Wiseman is a warm, funny and often irreverent look at how anyone can have a direct connection to the Divine—no middleman required!

We’re talking about intuition, spirituality, relationships, life’s path, soul growth, being human, synchronicities, miracles, healing, connection, gratitude, consciousness, spiritual awakening and more!

Sara welcomes live callers!

Got a question? Call in for Free Readings Friday, where Sara does intuitive readings on air. Or, email the Ask Sara Blog, and she’ll answer your question on air!

Come be a part of luscious spiritual community! We’ll have teachings, meditations, lessons, occasional interviews, and healing music from global artists, including Sara’s own band, Martyrs of Sound.

Sara Wiseman is a spiritual teacher, intuitive and author of six insightful books on spirituality and intuition, including Living a Life of Gratitude andBecoming Your Best Self. She’s the founder of Intuition University, a top contributor to DailyOM, and has worked with thousands of clients worldwide.

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