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This week on our Public Affairs Program


This week we celebrate Earth Day with Tom Watson, King County's Recycling and Environmental Services Project Manager.
Tom gives us the low down on how we can make individual changes and choices that will have an impact on not only the Puget Sound environment, but globally as well.
We talk Climate Change, toxins around the house, how to dispose  of those questionable items, and lots more.
Tom encourages us all to take action on something this year for our own benefit and the long-term survival of the planet.
Learn more online or ask Tom questions directly at

And in the 2nd half:

April is Autism Awareness month.  Claire LaZebnick is a writer and the mom of 4 kids.  Her oldest son Andrew was diagnosed with Autism. That instills fear in all parents and family members.  The good news is that Andrew is now 22 and a senior at college, living independently!  That's the good news found in Claire and Dr. Lynn Kern Koezel's book:  Over Coming Autism--Finding the Answers, Strategy, and Hope That Can Transform a Child's Life. ,