MIchelle-Woodward-e1468517228893 newWhen you scan the morning commute-time radio offerings across the dial in the Seattle area, you will notice a lot of sameness. Same music. Same shock talk. Same political handwringing. If you search deeper down the AM dial during your morning commute, though, you will discover Uplift Radio on Alternative Talk 1150. Moments into the show, you will know you have stumbled onto something refreshingly different – something with a higher purpose.

“We are focused on bringing positive news. Highlighting the things that are going right in our lives, communities and world. We bring ways people can activate around issues that matter to them,” said Michelle Woodward, host of Uplift Radio, heard Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 7 a.m.[More about the show]


X-Files Creator joins Ted Maher on this week’s Out Of This World!


Tune in to hear Ted’s recent interview with X-Files creator Chris Carter this Friday, February 5th in the 2p hour. Christopher Carl Carter is the creator of The X-Files, The Lone Gunmen, Millennium and Harsh Realm. After discovering a passion for surfing when he was twelve, Chris graduated from California State University at Long Beach in 1979 with a degree …

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Marie Manuchehri Show guest coming to Seattle


Marie Manuchehri, host of the show of the same name, recently interviewed Byron Katie about her impressive teachings titled The Work. Katie will be in Seattle on January 30th, at the Center for Spiritual Living, leading a full day workshop focused on The Work. For more information about The Marie Manuchehri show log on here.

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John McAfee guests on Tech Talk


John McAfee, yes. . .the same McAfee that created the first commercial anti-virus program to ever hit the store shelves, will the special guest on Tech Talk with Craig, Saturday, January 23rd at 12 p.m. McAfee Anti-Virus has since been acquired by Intel, but McAfee is still on the high tech train, and even on the campaign trail in his …

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Shifting Awareness event taught by Manuchehri


Marie Manuchehri, host of The Marie Manuchehri Show, heard Thursdays from 9 a.m. – 10 a.m. on Alternative Talk 1150, is teaching at the Shifting Awareness for a Fulfilling Life event April 1st through 3rd at the Seabeck Conference Center. The Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E) has been hosting retreats at Seabeck for over 50 years. This year Marie …

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Host of Dreams Unzipped pens new book


In her latest book, Kelly Sullivan Walden, host of Dreams Unzipped heard Fridays from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., asks these intriguing questions: Have you dreamed of a handsome stranger and felt the pangs of love (or lust)? Do you wake up panicked from being chased by a menacing intruder or from falling from a cliff into darkness? Do you …

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Seattle M’s “voice” to guest on Italian Radio Show

LOGO _NW Ital Radio_

Calling all baseball fans! Be sure to tune in to Italian Radio Show Monday, January 18th to hear a fascinating interview with Rick Rizzs, the “Voice of the Seattle Mariners.” Rizzs will talk about growing up as an Italian American in Chicago and the path of his career that has led him to be one of the top baseball announcers …

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Dreams Unzipped welcomes a dream expert

Friday show host

Have you ever thought of someone and then have them suddenly call you? Have you ever had a feeling you should go left instead of right and discovered it was the best choice all along? Have you ever had a strange dream that led to a very real experience the very next day? If you answered yes to any of …

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