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About The Host

Your host of Out of This World
is Ted Mahr, a man with a long interest in psychic and
metaphysical phenomena.
Taught to navigate the psychic world by his mother,
Ted's ability to tap into the "other side" and
broad wealth expert guests, makes for a must-hear radio
show unlike anything else on the

Ted brings his educational
background to bear while interviewing his many guests.
He has four degrees in five
different subjects, including law, anthropology, urban
planning, library science, and international
economics. He has won awards for his research and
writing and is a four-time international scholar to
India (where he received two Fulbright grants to study
law) and Australia (where he was a Visiting Research Fellow
at Murdoch University in Perth, Western

Be fascinated! Listen to Out of
This World with your host Ted Mahr. For complete details, contact Ted at:

or 1-888-879-8339.