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Why do Your Guides Care So Much?

I often get questions from callers regarding Spirit Guides. In my March Newsletter I wrote an article on this topic that might help answer some of your burning questions about guides!

Here is an excerpt from my most recent Newsletter article, Why do Your Guides Care So Much?

There are numerous beings throughout the universe dedicated to helping the human race evolve. Many of these beings are guides to you during our lifetimes here on Earth.

You may wonder who these beings are? What do they look like; can you see and hear them; do you have more than one guide; and why do they care so much about humans? Just like nurses, doctors, fire fighters, and teachers, spirit guides are drawn to help people. They have been your constant companions since you were conceived, and will remain with you until you return to pure energy.

When you too lived away from Earth, your spirit guides were with you and enthusiastically agreed to chaperon you during this process called life. Their role is to positively influence your life based on what you decided to learn before arriving in a body. Because guides live in non-physical essence they are often referred to as guides in spirit.


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