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About The Laura Longley Show

Discover how to make positive changes in your life, career and relationships. Your host Laura Longley gives you the tools you need to get unstuck. Laura's friendly, supporting and expert advice gives you the clarity and tools you need to deal with blockages and setbacks. Laura will inspire you to stay true to your unique gifts, your authenticity and your dreams. And she'll show you how you can move forward in your life, one step at the time.


kknwer - Giavonne is a professional Intuitive and teaches Creative Intuition workshops.  

kknwer - Pat Pauley is a Washington State native who, through trial and error.

kknwer - A Seattle mortgage guru, this show serves you the meat and potatoes of Seattle business with the help of the Northwest’s most successful real estate.  

kknwer - Grab your favorite cup-a-something and join SusanLorelei and Giavonne.  

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