Spotlight: Condo & HOA Buzz

It’s been said that you can pick your neighbors but you can’t pick your family…but what if you find just the right neighborhood and then problems or serious question arise about the Homeowners Association and your related rights? That’s where Condo & HOA Buzz comes to the rescue.

“We are the only radio show in the Pacific Northwest that is dedicated to the condo and homeowner association industry,” said Dan Zimberoff, who along with Duncan Kirk and Marshall Johnson form the team of hosts for the weekly program.

Condo & HOA Buzz airs each Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Alternative Talk 1150.

The program offers up a mix of education, entertainment, guests, features and call-in conversations. In short, all things and everything related to condominium and homeowner association living.

Homeowner associations are becoming more popular here locally and the team of Condo HOA has years of experience helping consumers navigate the sometimes tricky waters of belonging to such an association.

Though experts in their chosen fields, the team of hosts were new to radio when they set their sights on having their own show back in May of 2014. Now, just five months away from their third-year anniversary, the hosts have definitely found their stride.

“We saw the radio show as a wonderful opportunity to innovate and utilize a unique venue to reach our target audience,” said Zimberoff.

Besides hosting the unique radio show, the three men take their message to the community through speaking engagements, writing, committee participation and other educational avenues.

They say the future of their show looks bright and they have some interesting ideas ahead to expand their listening audience. Be sure to tune in each week and join the conversation.

For complete details about the show and its hosts, check out their Facebook page at: