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Spotlight: Sunny in Seattle

Did you know that it is sunny in Seattle at least two times per week, regardless of the season? Well, to be honest, this form of sunshine comes in one-hour doses Wednesday and Friday each week during the Sunny in Seattle radio show. The show airs live on Friday at 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. and then repeats the following Wednesday at 6 a.m. to 7 a.m., adding warmth to the morning commute.

Launched a little over two years ago by host Sunny Joy McMillan, Sunny in Seattle is a bright spot on the landscape that is Seattle talk radio.




These three words sum up this must-listen-to program.

“I actually think my show fits in pretty seamlessly with KKNW’s existing programming.  Each week, I interview authors, teachers, coaches and healers about some element of mind, body or spirit wellness, which is fairly common at KKNW. Perhaps the thing that sets me apart is less about the show and more about me. As a former attorney who values both critical thinking and the mystical, I bring in guests who offer a nice mix of science and spirituality. I just love bringing together the metaphysical and some solid peer-reviewed research on the topics we discuss,” said Sunny.

Sunny, an attorney-turned-life coach who left a career in law in search of more soul-fulfilling work, found her calling in life coaching and completed her training and certification through Dr. Martha Beck’s program.

Through her radio show, as well as her coaching practice, her mission is to connect people with who they really are so they may lead lives filled with love, joy, peace, freedom, purpose and growth. Each week her show features guests on the leading edge of thought who deliver educational and inspiring messages to connect listeners to their best life!

“I moved to Seattle from Austin about four years ago. In Texas, there really weren’t any positive talk radio options, so I was delighted to find KKNW upon relocating to the Pacific Northwest. I was a devoted listener whose ears perked up whenever I heard the call for new broadcasters among the ads that played during my favorite shows,” said Sunny, adding, “I had left the practice of law and was in life coach training with Dr. Martha Beck at the time. The thought of having my own show where I could share what I was learning, as well as showcase some of the awesome people I was meeting in the Martha Beck community, just sounded amazing. And it has been. . .my show is the highlight of my week!”

Sunny’s aspirations for her own show led her to Alternative Talk 1150, where she has built a popular program with listeners. Her efforts were not without struggle, as she quickly learned that, while fun and rewarding, hosting your own radio show can also be a lot of work.

“Although my show is only live one day per week, there is still a great deal of preparation involved. I always read my guest’s entire book and thoroughly review their materials, as it feels like one of the ways I can honor them. However, I’m a solopreneur with a full-time coaching practice, so finding the time to send all those interview requests, read all those books, and prepare all those questions means I often have several nights per week where I’m working pretty late. But that’s okay, because I love my show,” said Sunny.

We are thankful Sunny works so hard to make her show something special. Her dedication comes through in her voice as she interviews her guests and addresses her audience each week.

Besides her weekly show, Sunny keeps busy with her speaking engagements, writing, teaching, and coaching individuals. She says regardless of her activity it is her wish to encourage and inspire others and provide them with tools to live lives filled with peace, joy, freedom and purpose.

Sunny says she believes our lives are meant to be fulfilling, joyful and meaningful, and she thinks the best way to help others is to remind them of this through as many avenues as possible. According to Sunny, radio is integral that mission to expanding awareness.

“I love radio. I had no broadcasting experience before joining KKNW, but having my show has been such an awesome, positive experience!  I intend to keep using this medium to spread my message and the message of others who I love as long as I can and as far as my show will reach,” she said.

To learn more about Sunny and her mission to help those around her, log on to www.goldenoversoul.com.