Spotlight: Kind Radio

There is a vast population of Russian-speaking people in the Seattle Metro Radio market. Many of these people are first and second generation immigrants who have decided to make the Puget Sound area their home. As they have come to adjust to their new home, country and American culture, they have also kept at least one foot planted in the traditions and language of their homeland.

Helping them do just that is Kind Radio, heard on Alternative Talk 1150 during various weekday evening hours.

“Our shows cover local news, events, and announcements, as well as news from around the world, educational programs and music,” said Stefan Knysh, one of the founders of Dobroe Radio and a producer of Kind Radio. He added, “To make our shows even more interesting we invite lawyers, business owners, doctors and other great professionals from the local community to educate our listeners about healthy lifestyles, business strategies, laws and other kinds of useful information.”

Kind Radio aired their first show on September 1, 2011, and for almost six years has been offering up heaping helpings of homegrown news and information with the ultimate goal of helping people in need.

“We not only focus on social life, but also bring more positive, spiritually enriched Christian programs to the airwaves,” said Stefan. “Together with our kind, openhearted listeners we have held many charitable events and as a result have made many contributions to missions around the world.”

Kind Radio serves the KKNW listener looking to broaden their understanding of the issues, people and entertainment making an impact on the Russian community, both regionally and internationally. According to Stefan, the program’s main goal is to encourage people to do good, give joy and help each other.

From its earliest roots, the program struggled to become the fine show listeners hear today.

“Looking back, I can say that first two years were the most difficult for us. We were still in the process of developing better quality shows and therefore could not attract many advertisers. With God’s help and amazing people at KKNW we made it through and achieved a higher level of broadcasting,” Stefan said.

As for the program’s future, there is no slowing down for Kind Radio. Those involved in the show have plans to strengthen its presence in the Northwest by cementing its audience in Vancouver, Washington, as well as Portland and Salem, Oregon.

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