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Spotlight on Conversations Live With Vicki St. Clair
Conversations Live With Vicki St. Clair on 1150 KKNWWhen: Mondays 12p-1p
Conversations Live With Vicki St. Clair recently celebrated its 6 year anniversary, from the beginning the show broadcasting each Monday at noon, has been one of the most popular and well regarded shows on Alternative Talk 1150. Each week Vicki brings you conversations with innovative business and thought leaders; cutting-edge medical, health, and science professionals. New York Times Bestselling authors, award-winning playwrights, filmmakers, and journalists, National Geographic explorers, photographers, adventurers, and philosophers. And ordinary people, leading extraordinary lives. Click here for more information

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Why Energy Work Heals

Why Energy Work Heals In the holistic healing world, energy work means the laying on of hands. This is an ancient spiritual practice mentioned in the scriptures of every religion throughout the ages. read more ≫

The Magic of Spirituality

Everyday our souls create opportunities to awaken—to wake from fear, procrastination, anger, conflict, anxiety, loneliness, illness, judgment and regret. If we surrender to spirit in our moments of dread, magic envelops our being and creates space. read more ≫

The Art of Receiving

The Art of Receiving Everything in the universe is made from energy— subatomic particles. Including thispage. The subatomic world of energy creates the home you live in, the car you drive, and the clothes you’re wearing right now. read more ≫

Alternative Talk's Newest Star!
Computer Talk with Craig photoAlternative Talk 1150 welcomes Craig Walker to our family of broadcasters, as Tech Talk With Craig can now be heard every Saturday 12PM. Tech Talk With Craig is a lively, 60-minute show that provides useful information for personal computer users of every skill level. No geek talk spoken here, rather it’s a focus on practical news that you can use. From installing and maintaining home computer networks to S-C-S (that would be ‘slow computer syndrome’) – Craig covers it all, and of course, is always available to troubleshoot any issues you may have right over the air. It’s no wonder then that there’s a saying resonating with Eastsiders – “Have you taken it to Craig?’ That’s because Craig is also the passionate owner and chief technician of Coho Computer in Issaquah. So stop by and see him today, or better yet, make a date with Tech Talk With Craig…Saturdays at noon…right here on Alternative Talk 1150..

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