¡Caliente! Unleash Your Inner Jalapeño

¡Caliente! Unleash Your Inner Jalapeño
through June 10th, 2012 5:30pm


Teatro ZinZanni's current show is ¡Caliente!.   Christine Deaver and Robert Lopez (aka El Vez) return to Seattle to create the new characters Tres and Cinco, a brother and sister team who electrify the tent with their Latin flavor.

In a storyline seemingly ripped from the headlines, times are tough and the dinner tent is threatened with closure. Pandemonium ensues when the kitchen staff refuses the pink slips. With only one night left to save their theatre, our underdogs band together as "back-of-house" heads to "front-of-house" in typical ZinZanni style! In the end, of course, artists save the day, the circus stays in town and non-stop entertainment is had by all!  Buy your tickets now!


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