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July 29

Violet Young of  Pathways to Transformation will be making a return appearance to talk about the twentieth anniversary of Pathways in Yachats, Oregon and all things metaphysical.

August 5

While Susan is taking off for the week, she is delighted to announce that Kim Camara, Director of the Welcome To Our Native Land Group, will guest host. Kim has invited Linda Levier, Cowlitz tribal member and storyteller, to join her in discussing “Native Ethnocentric Stories”.

The two women will be talking about how “racist” ethnocentrism pervades tribal peoples’ lives historically and today.  This is a very timely and important discussion and a show you will not want to miss – it will probably be so good you won’t even notice Susan is absent:)

August 12

GMO’s … Good? Bad? Don’t know? Has there been enough research? Who has done the research and what are the results?. Our Guest will be Jeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception. We will be talking about Labeling legislation, GMO health risks, and GMO trade pressures. Feel free to call in with your questions or comments 425 3735527

August 19

Well known astrologer and healer,.and long-time friend, Marianne Messenger joins Susan to discuss hot button topics of the day. Marianne is not only a wonderful astrologer, she does past life clearings and x-outs. But the work she does with Vets assisting them to relieve their PTSD by using meditation and neurofeedback techniques is truly cutting edge. She will share her successes and offer hope to those without hope.

August 26

Food and Water are basic to Life for all creatures on our planet. How does Humanity see its role in the Web of Life? Do we, as People, understand our own role in that interaction? Do our institutions reflect any understanding of how that works and the impact of human activity on large and small Eco-systems and the health of the planet itself? In this discussion, we will examine the Monsanto





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