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September 26
Emerald Spiral Expo vendors will share their many gifts and talk about all that is happening the next day (Saturday 9/27) duringThe ES Expo at Kent Commons in Kent WA 9-5

October 3
What is the truth about the Foreclosure Fiasco? Is it all about deadbeat homeowners? Or is there more to it? Have the banks committed fraud on a large scale? Susan’s panel of guests include Vera Johnson and Daniel Fiez both involved in groups fighting foreclosure. Foreclosure attorney, Jill Smith,
Foreclosure Forensic expert, Michael Wood, Arlene Chavez HUD Mortgage counselor with El Centro de la Raza, and Michelle Darnell 48th Senate Republican candidate.

October 10
Native hip-hop story of overcoming spinabifada to realize dreams and discussion of upcoming documentary of police violence against natives and first nations people

October 17
Gender entitlement. What is it exactly? What and who do we value and why? Discussing The girls of Kabul and how the views of Afghanis are in all major societes and most cultures to different degrees and how The re-emergence of The Feminine is shifting that.

October 24
Fly Me to the Moon. So many stories and songs about the moon. We will play many of them and talk about the meaning of the moon’s interaction with us …tides … our bodies 2/3 water the pull Lunatics … Cherokee believed Sun was Life Giver therefore female and Moon refelcted that Life therefore male as well as space exploration.

October 31
Julia Wilder-Barnes joins Susan to discuss this most holy of days to the People of Northern Europe. But does this love of earth and the 13 moon cycles extend further into our ancient history? Wiccan and witches have been much denigrated as they have carried ancient knowledge into this time period. Will that knowledge help save Humanity’s relationship with Mother Earth?



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