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The Susan Harmon Hour Guest line-up :

February 6
Susan shares her thoughts on a variety of subjects from how we identify ourselves and each other from age to gender and letting go of drama as well as how to use the magic that abounds all around us

February 13
Estee Taschareau joins Susan to talk about all aspects of the number 13 from numerology to the ancient councils of wise women

February 20
Chinese New Year – The Year of the wooden goat and a discussion about all the different calendars around the world and what season is chosen to begin the year by which culture and why

February 27
Fastcloud, First Nation rapper from Toronto joins us to talk about the voices of young natives and their growing influence on music

March 6
It’s all about the Spiral and how the DNA carries the energies of the ancient and what hasn’t manifested as well

March 13
A lot of surprises …. stay tuned ….

March 20
Deb Rosen joins us to talk about The International Institute for Global Leadership, a tuition-free, internet based education program providing curriculum in consciousness to create personally empowered, consciously aware, high-integrity and heart-centered leaders in their communities and the world. The study program is open to participants of any age and from anywhere in the world

March 27
The day before the Emerald Spiral Expo at Kent Commons in Kent, WA Saturday, March 28, a group of vendors will join Susan to share what they will be offering in terms of their gifts and or merchandise


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