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The Susan Harmon Hour Guest line-up :

April 3
William Wolford, crreator of Meditation Vibrations, will discuss his energy alignment music.

April 10
Wolves and women who run with wolves or are wolves. Join Susan AND TwoSpirit Whitewolf while they talk and howl about everything from wolves to knowing yourself

April 17
WHY IS THERE HOMELESSNESS? Linde Knighton, head of WA State Progress Party will discuss with Susan the big picture of homelessness. The forum on Causes of Homelessness will be held Saturday April 18th 1:00pm – 4:30pm at The Labor Temple 2800 First Avenue, Seattle, Linde will be joined by Michelle Darnell of the Libertarian Party and a dozen other speakers.

April 24
Paul Collins, co-director of Yakona (water rising) showing at Indigenous Showcase April 24-25 will talk about both the film and other indigenous issues

May 1
Michale Wood of DocAnalysis explains how we get a handle on the defrauded homeowners issue. By some counts, close to 20 million homes have been lost to foreclosure due to the securitization and fraud perpetrated by the mortgage bankers with no one being held responsible.

May 8
Mother’s Day show … treating our Mother Earth with respect and how women are more than mothers and wives.

May 15
Velma Veloria discusses human trafficking and how we can stop it and treat all human beings with res

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