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The Susan Harmon Hour Guest line-up :


December 5 Linde Knighton, head of the Progressive Party of Washington state and Native story-teller will talk about the idea of land and who owns it and how it is used as well as other connect-the-dot issues about the earth and human beings

December 12 Alder Sherwood and Jeremiah Kaynor update us on their African adventure and the Do You Shift? Documentary project

December 19 Sacred sexuality and Winter Solstice the sacredness of women controlling their own bodies. All about the ancient new year the winter solstice when light begins its rebirth

December 26 astrological forecast for 2015

January 2 Full moon and its effects and issues around bullying

January 9 the legal implications of fraudulant foreclosure

January 16 human trafficking and modern slavery

January 23 Intentional communities

January 30 The Holy Grail and the genetic markers that carry the story



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