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May 6
KKNW is a proud sponsor of Seattle Internation Film Festival (SIFF) and The Susan Harmon Hour is equally proud to have Director of Programming, Beth Barrett, join Susan and her co-hosts Melinda Raebyne and Alder Sherwood to talk about the films selected for the 25-day Festival, as well as year-round cinemas in three Seattle locations.
Founded in 1976, SIFF creates experiences that bring people together to discover extraordinary films from around the world with the Seattle International Film Festival, SIFF Cinema, and SIFF Education. Recognized as one of the top film festivals in North America, the Seattle International Film Festival is the largest, most highly attended film festival in the United States, reaching more than 150,000 annually. The 25-day festival is renowned for its wide-ranging and eclectic programming, presenting over 450 features, short films, and documentaries from over 80 countries each year. SIFF Cinema exhibits premiere theatrical engagements, repertory, classic, and revival film showings 365 days a year on five screens at the SIFF Cinema Uptown, SIFF Cinema Egyptian, and SIFF Film Center, reaching more than 150,000 attendees annually. SIFF Education offers educational programs for all audiences serving more than 13,000 students and youth in the community with free programs each year.


Nancy Gibson, who, in 1985, was one of the original founders of International Wolf Center located in Ely, MN. The center is a leading authority on world-wide wolf education advancing the survival of wolf populations by teaching about wolves, their relationship with wildlands and the human role in their future. If you are not already fascinated by wolves, you will be after learning more about wolves and their role in the cycle of Life and what we as Humans can do to promote healthy relationships with all God’s creatures.

May 20

Methanol Plant canceled in Tacoma. Does that mean we can all just relax and not worry about the petrochemical industry’s impact on th Northwest? What about the other proposed methanol plant in Kalama? Baakan oil in tankers through our cities and barges on the Columbia River? All of these issues will be addressed by our panel. Dorothy Walker of the Sierra Club has been involved with both Methanol plant proposals and other issues with the petrochemical industry’s impact on Washington State.. Redline Tacoma’s Jose Chavez and Save Our Water’s Donna Walters will join documentary film maker and friend of the show’s Melinda Raebyne to round out the  discussion.

May 27


Bev Harris is an American writer, activist, and founder of Black Box Voting Inc., a national nonpartisan, nonprofit elections watchdog group. She helped popularize the term Black Box Voting, while authoring a book of that title. Prior to HBO’s award winning documentary HACKING DEMOCRACY that reveals a broken system riddled with secrecy, incompetent election officials, and electronic voting machines that can be programmed to steal election, her original investigative work has been featured in the New York TimesWashington Post TimeMagazineCNN,  ABC,  MSNBCCBSFox News, and  NBC, as well as by the Associated PressNPR, and many others. Filmmakers Simon Ardizzone, Robert Cohen, and Russell Michaels followed Bev and her activist group from Florida and California to Ohio and Washington State to answer the question:  How does America count its votes? Bev has proven our votes can be stolen without a trace by Diebold voting machines. She is also a witness in John Brakey’s Audit Arizona lawsuit seeking redress for the recent Arizona primary that has national implications as well.


June 3

Diana Clark and her aunt Irene Locker join Susan to discuss generational and lineage abilities and how they are passed down and nurtured. What is the connection between creativity and intuitive abilities? Are movement of mind and body also connected? Both Diana (Readings With Diana) and Irene are very talented readers using the old ways to assist their many grateful clients. This will be a lively discussion as well as an opportunity for our listeners to participate. Please feel free to call in 425 373 5527.

June 10

Duwamish Council Chairwoman Cecile Hanson makes a return visit to The Susan Harmon Hour to update us on what is going on with the Duwamish People, The Duwamish Longhouse and most importantly, the upcoming Duwamish Gala and Art Auction taking place later this month on Saturday, June 25th Excitingly, Susan Harmon is honored to be this year’s auctioneer. This will be an entertaining and fun event and it is all for a very very good cause. Support Seattle’s First People and remember, Seattle was ALL Duwamish land. Tickets are available on brown paper bag GET YOURS NOW!

June 17

The Susan Harmon Hour is honored to have as Guest host, the amazing Brie Gibbs. Brie will be spotlighting Stephanie Sills a Shamanic healer who works interdimensionally with stones and energies Stephanie is a unique individual who carries gifts that she is innately able to release to others so they fully realize their own potential.  These two women will share their gifts with the audience. Call in 425 373 5527










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