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October 7

Charley and John from Cabiri Theatre will join Susan to talk about Cabiri which integrates theater, dance, aerial acrobatics, and shadow puppets taking the audience into an other worldly realm of myth and culture. The GHOST GAME X: FOR LIFE ETERNAL ( the 10th and latest production of Cabiri )will take place October 27-31 at Youngstown Performing Art Center. Cabiri was inspired by the traditional Japanese practice wherein a community gathers to share ghost stories by candlelight. This year’s production includes stories from Romanian, Japanese, Hungarian, and Slavic folklore bringing to life tales that range from zombies who feast on the living to deities fighting for their immortality. Tickets at CABIRI.ORG

October 14

Weekend of the Full Moon and the third anniversary of The Susan Harmon Hour on KKNW. Please feel free to call-in and tell us if the show has had any impact on you. Express yourself.  We welcome your input for new show ideas and new guests. Last year’s anniversary show was wonderful, but we were unable to get everyone on the air there were so many calls. So call early and get in the que because we really do want to hear from you. 425 373 5527

October 21

RELATIONSHIPS. No man (person) is an island unto himself … true. All our relationships, no matter with whom – parents, siblings, children, friends, business associates, neighbors, or people on the street impact us and we impact them. What can we do to make those interactions positive and more beneficial for all concerned? Tune in and get some good basic clear advice to help bring peace into your life.

October 28

Weekend of the New Moon and of Samhain, the ancient new year for the northern hemisphere. Moon phases, thinning of the veil, astrology, ancient knowledge and why it is important. The councils of Elders and Councils of Wise Women… Are they needed again during these times in which people feel untethered from the earth and yearn for heart-centered community? Don’t miss this discussion …




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