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Coming up on The Susan Harmon Hour


The Susan Harmon Hour Guest line-up  for July and August 2014 July 25 All about Susan’s Stone Party in Seattle Saturday July 26 and Sunday July 27 in West Seattle plus an interview with Violet Young from Pathways to Transformation in Yachats Oregon where Susan will be teaching a workshop on August 2/3. August 1 Susan will be broadcasting from ... Read More »

This week on our Public Affairs Program

Public Affairs 03_09_14

This week we get to speak with Vicky Lee, the Director of Education & Performance Programs at The Seattle Theatre Group. The Seattle Theatre Group (STG) is made up of The Paramount Theatre, The Moore Theatre, and The Neptune Theatre; most people don’t know that they are a non profit or that they have an education department! It is part ... Read More »

Don’t Miss our new show Ask Sara with Sara Wiseman starting Friday (4/4/14) at 1p.


Are you ready to live in gratitude, joy and love? Ask Sara with Sara Wiseman is a warm, funny and often irreverent look at how anyone can have a direct connection to the Divine—no middleman required! We’re talking about intuition, spirituality, relationships, life’s path, soul growth, being human, synchronicities, miracles, healing, connection, gratitude, consciousness, spiritual awakening and more! Sara welcomes ... Read More »

Healthy Love = A Healthy Heart


I’m sitting in a coffee shop writing about the heart, when I overhear soft cries coming from the table next to me. I witness the stressful exchange on my way to the restroom. Two women are sitting across from each other, one tries to suppress rolling tears; wiping her creaming cheeks quickly, then whisking the moisture onto her jeans. The ... Read More »

Consuelo Collier moves To Mondays at 8a starting Monday 2/17!


Get your Monday Mornings going with Consuelo, hosted by spiritual teacher and literary editor, Consuelo Collier. Consuelo brings a relaxed, down-to-earth approach to subjects like spirituality, personal development, as well as holistic health, because she uses the vulnerability of her own life lessons and experiences to light the way. As a spiritual teacher, Consuelo is known for her intuitive gift, ... Read More »