ARTbeat Northwest

This month’s “KKNW Newest Star” is actually not new to the station. Her name is Pat Pauley and she is the former host of Get Active. The pull of radio can be strong and Pat was drawn back to Alternative Talk 1150, albeit to talk about a different subject that was also dear to her heart.

“I am excited about ARTbeat Northwest because I have been a life-long supporter, collector and student in local arts, with many personal contacts in the creative arts fields,” said Pat, whose new show airs Tuesdays from 5 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Pat packs a lot of great information into her half-hour show, which is a must-listen-to program for people with a passion for art.

“Being able to interview people in the arts, whether visual or performing arts, is such a treat. In interviewing those who are artists, both visual and performing arts, art educators, art galleries, and groups of all kinds that support the arts, ARTbeat Northwest is supporting our vibrant local art scene,” she added.

During her program, Pat features news and interviews all about art around the Northwest. She also covers current art show openings, fairs, fundraisers, classes, and related publications.

When Pat thinks art, she means pretty much the whole spectrum.

“I cover everything creative in the arts, including painting, pottery, sculpture, glass, metal and woodworking, fabric, and much more. My guests and I discuss plays, opera, ballet, and musical events of all kinds,” she said.

She added that listeners will find that the show gives them information on the best upcoming art events and a chance to hear inside information from the artists interviewed on each show. She stresses that ART beat Northwest is the only radio show in our area that presents information exclusively about the arts.

Artists often ask if there is a fee for being on the show, and Pat says the answer is “no.”

“Since the show is already supported, this is great free publicity for their art or their arts organization. I would like to thank Kirkland Arts Center for helping sponsor this program,” Pat said

ARTbeat NW is presented in cooperation with Kirkland Arts Center. To learn more about the center, see