Heeling Allies-20In 2008, with the nation dealing with a failing economy and entrepreneurs pulling back from new projects or leaps into the unknown, Julie Forbes was having a revelation about how to educate, inspire and entertain dog lovers. Her idea: why not have a radio show dedicated to improving the lives of both people and dogs? “I thought to myself, ‘There aren’t any local radio shows that are only about dogs,’” said Forbes, who hosts The Dog Show with Julie Forbes every Wednesday from 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. “Local radio consisted of shows about animals in general, or ‘ask the vet’ shows that covered exclusively health topics from the perspective of a veterinarian. There was nothing devoted entirely to dogs, and was not limited by any particular subject,” she added.[More about the show]


Coming up on The Susan Harmon Hour


  The Susan Harmon Hour Guest line-up :   May 8 Mother’s Day show … treating our Mother Earth with respect and how women are more than mothers and wives. May 15 Velma Veloria discusses human trafficking and how we can stop it and treat all human beings with res Read More »

Conscious Talk announces The Women’s Hour


The Women’s Hour, hosted by Conscious Talk’s Brenda Michaels and Diana Clark, is happy to announce the addition of two new co-hosts, Laurie Hardie and Tara Aal. Be sure to join Brenda, Diana, Laurie, and Tara on Alternative Talk 1150, the third Friday of each month, from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. Experience a fresh new perspective on our evolving ... Read More »

Perception is reality at this Cortes Island event


Your life, as it is right now, is manifesting solely by how you perceive it. The state of your health, money, love, and happiness is a perfect reflection of your current consciousness of self. Discover a felt knowing that EVERYTHING in the Universe is made up of subatomic particles. All particles respond to our perception and each of us has ... Read More »

Marie hits the road with her healing message


You have the capacity to receive, interpret and successfully use your senses to heal your body. Marie Manuchehri, host of Marie Manuchehri Show heard Thursdays from 9 a.m. – 10 a.m. on Alternative Talk 1150, takes this intuitive workshop to OMEGA at Rhinebeck, New York, June 19th through 21st. Feeling like you need a battery-recharging getaway? Join Marie and learn ... Read More »

Gingersnap Players, a band of professional thespians in the Seattle area, are proud to present Upstaged NW!

upstaged nw

Gingersnap Players, a band of professional thespians in the Seattle area, are proud to present Upstaged NW!; a half hour radio theater performance of a new or an adapted play that centers on a topical issue. Our April 2015 radio show is “Overtones” by Alice Gerstenberg, starring Mollie Falls, Lisa, Larsen, Natalie Schmidt, Kira Wallker and Gail Wamba. Gerstenberg was ... Read More »

Susan Harmon, moderator for WHY IS THERE HOMELESSNESS?


Susan Harmon, of Alternative Talk 1150’s The Susan Harmon Hour, airing every Friday noon will moderate the event: WHY IS THERE HOMELESSNESS? A broad panel of 12 speakers looking at THE BIG PICTURE will offer reasons and solutions to this issue that is becoming a nation-wide epidemic. This is not the usual hand-wringing or blaming generally associated with discussing homelessness. ... Read More »

Doug Warne recognized for paying it forward


Doug Warne, host of The Scandinavian Hour heard Saturdays from 9 a.m. – 10 a.m. and on both Saturdays and Sundays from 6 a.m. – 7 a.m., was recently recognized for his efforts to help build a new Sons of Norway scholarship. The scholarship, called the Warne-Eng Scholarship, allows for those awarded to go to Norway to explore in-country educational ... Read More »